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My Job at Subway.

Updated on April 9, 2018

Subway is a popular food chain that gives its customers some more healthy choices when it comes to food, while they still carry soda and cookies they also sell numerous kinds of salads and subs. The chain is known for their clean stores, fast service and tasty foods but today I will tell you my experience working at Subway.

Starting Off: So before I got my job at Subway I was in a bit of a rut, I had been jobless for several months and despite my best efforts in putting in over fifty applications I had nothing to show for it.

So a friend of the family just so happened to know the manager of one store and helped me get a job, so far so good. I just wanna say first of all that my experience wasn't that bad, it did have some good moments in it.

Anyways my first week there was kinda hard, I was basically thrown into the fire with several people showing me different ways to do the same thing the other guys were doing which left me very confused. I didn't know how to do alot of the stuff and trying to remember all the different sandwich combinations at first was a real pain but then I got it down, until I realized that they had more sandwiches that weren't even on the menu's.

The boss only stayed till two so for the most part my training was left to the others, check previous training description. It wasn't bad but I kept getting in trouble due to each person showing me how to do things a different way that the main boss didn't like.

My first week there they had a special going on, buy one foot long and get one free, safe to say we were busy. They threw me on the register and I for one didn't even know how to work the stupid thing so I got in trouble a few times for holding the line up, most of my training was spread out through the first few months which was nice.

Next I will talk about some more things in detail.

The Drive-through: I don't know how many places use their drive through but with ours it was only one person on it, so if you came through the drive through and ordered like ten things it would be only me working on all of it. Some people were so impatient and freaked out when I wasn't finished or would drive up to the window when their sandwich wasn't even started and I didn't tell them to come forward.

What they don't realize is that we are making them in real time, there is no machine that we use to tell the people in the back what to make, it is just me.

Half the time you couldn't even hear anyone on it, it was like they were whispering the whole order. The problem was with that added onto the fact that they wanted to just rush ahead was annoying, I HAVEN'T EVEN GOT YOUR SAUCES WHY ARE YOU PULLING UP!?

I don't know if anyone will read this or if you have been to a Subway with a drive-through but please have patience. Don't order your whole sandwich and say what you want on it before I even have the bread out. People didn't like to listen on it either.

Me: What kind of cheese would you like?

Them: Yeah I'll have lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and chipotle.

Me: So no cheese then?

Them: Yeah sure I'll take a bag of chips with a large sprite.

Me: Annie are you okay?

Them: Yeah thanks I'm coming up.

So aggravating.

The Hours: The hours weren't too bad to be honest, even though I got paid every two weeks I usually ranged from forty to fifty hours which I was fine with. Till the new folks rolled up.

During the last few months of my employment I swear it was like the hunger games to get hours, each check I would look at mine and be happy but then I hear someone else who just started working gets even more hours and I was a little annoyed. One check I found I earned only a little over thirty hours in two weeks and I was not happy, I know I wasn't the greatest worker but I came in all the time to help out and did what I was asked to do, honestly me coming in on my days off so much was the only reason I had all those hours, my boss wanted me to come in seven days a week if I wanted more hours instead of just scheduling me more then four to five hours on a day.

Still they were not that bad so I won't complain, alot better then my last job I will say that.

The Co-workers: I had some good co's and then some bad ones, that is how it tends to go in life. I had some co's who were awesome to work with and I loved working just cause of how fun they made it to work. Then I had others that I just didn't like, they would either make a huge mess and not clean it up or they would just be lazy and not do anything.

Sure we sat around when it was slow but if the area needed to be cleaned or the food stocked we would do it.

I was complained on a few but it was always altered in some way, I had a co ask another co if their list was done and the boy co said "Yeah I did most of it." which then the other complained to the boss that I didn't help when I in fact did several things on the list.

There was alot of drama.

The boss wasn't the greatest either, she tended to be stressed out alot for some reason so she could get in a mood where she got really pushy. My last few weeks there she kept getting on me for stuff, if I went to clean the bain she would yell at me to clean the bain, which of course I did alot.

She tried to say she felt like she was acting the same but I knew she wasn't, I had worked with her long enough to see the difference.

Not to say that I couldn't be a pain in the butt, but I believe among the workers who don't even work and those who just cause utter chaos in the workplace my silence and seclusion from my co-workers doesn't seem that bad.

The Customers: You never know how bad people can be until you have worked for some kind of customer service or any kind of job where you are face to face with people.

I have met some awesome people who came into Subway, I have also met some really bad ones. I had one lady yell at me for not knowing what she meant.

Me: Would you like your sandwich toasted?

Them: Mayonnaise and mustard first.

It went like that for a time til she finally started screaming. You don't walk into a pet store and ask for a pet, you need to tell them what kind of pet, give them details. My co-worker apparantely knew what she meant but didn't decide to tell me till I was already yelled at.

Some customers were really cool, I have had some cool conversations with some and other were really nice. Had a few who just looked like they wanted to kill me though.

The Final Word: Working for Subway wasn't terrible, the drama could have disappeared, the boss could have tried to give me more hours like I asked for or at least talked about it and I think I could have handled some stuff better.

I wasn't the greatest worker there I know but I came in when asked, did my job, was friendly to customers and the like. Kinda disappointing that I lose my job to some drama, hell they kept the woman around who didn't even do her job.

In the long run though Subway can be a decent job depending on who your'e working with and who you know, it can be frustrating at times and there will be customers who will tear you apart and co-workers who will leave you to burn. But you have to try and work through it.

If I could work for them again I would, I brought the experience I have gained from Subway and will now use it to better myself as a worker and as a person. I may have lost my job but there is always another to find, I can also just go back to annoy everyone.


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