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Family By Heart

Updated on December 7, 2014

Red Shirt Day

You all have been my friends and for more than three years, you’re all have a significant part in my heart. There are changes and this year may be the biggest, not just for me but for all of us. Managers, TLs, teammates, we are all subject to this courageous adjustment. Yes, it is scary and goodbyes are sad but these help us move forward and grow.

As most of you know, this is not my first time and it made me realized that it is not enough to just ‘try and try’. Opportunities are just right there, we are not the ones waiting for it but it is the one waiting for us to be prepared. I was not sure what I wanted before, all I wanted was to level up but when I realized the path where I wanted to go, and with all the necessary preparation, the door opened for me.

As a team, we are happy. I can say that we are perfect combination. Our differences are what made it perfect and what make our everyday noteworthy. Like Ms. Mabs said before, we have to accept that everyone is different. With that, we learned to fathom where they’re coming from and care. I have been with the team from the very beginning and I am proud to witness the transformation of each one of us. It is not easy to change ourselves, our perspective and no one has the right to change us but, others were mature enough to admit that they need attitude transformation to belong to a group. No one has the right to change us but ourselves. Every day, evaluate yourself, what vibe do I give off?

We now know how to appreciate feedback and thankful for correcting our mistakes. No matter how it was delivered or what was the intention, we have to think that it is for our own good. “If you care for that person you have to put boundaries.” It is an advice to a boss who has ill-disciplined employee. We don’t want Marcos for a TL but sometimes they have to because they care not for the SLA but for us. In three years, there was a time that I chose not to care but I know that most of the time I do.

I believe that everyone just came in a perfect timing. Others left so that the right people for that moment take charge. We relate to this (hashtag relate!). I know that each person who came in has a purpose in our lives we just have to be open-minded to understand it. They are blessings!

To end this up, I would like to thank all of you for being part of my life. Y’all are a treasured friend.

Training Kick-off

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Team Building

Team Building


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      Valentina 2 years ago

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