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How to purchase in Amazon through Online Shopping

Updated on July 5, 2014
Amazon Service
Amazon Service | Source

Online shopping in front of your System

Though I have provided some of the Recipes through my hubs to my Readers, I would like to introduce another service through this Hub. To all my readers, I have an amazing opportunity to present you this beautiful service.

Readers who are interested in different varieties of products to purchase online, can go to my Amazon Service & look for all interesting Products you are willing to purchase.

I would also like to know about your feedback on my Amazon Online Shopping Store.

Amazon Food Service Sub Category
Amazon Food Service Sub Category

How to use the Amazon Service ?

On your right hand side of my Amazon website, you would find the category for example, called Cookbooks, Food & Wine. Now you would be getting sub-category as well. Choose the sub-category which you would like to explore. This is one way of looking for sub category of your food service which you are interested in.

I have also attached the sub-category to the right side for your reference. By this way, you could select the main category as Electronics and select the sub-category to choose what you want to buy.

How to use the Search option in right top corner ?

There is a Search option available in right top corner of my Amazon service website.

When you select the Category for example Cookbooks, Food & Wine, you would get all sub-categories. Either you can click the sub-category or you can select the items present in front of your screen based on your needs.

Sub categories are also specified in this above in my above specified image. Either of the sub categories can be entered directly in Search option.

In the below specified image, I have entered Quick & Easy sub category and clicked Go button. Followed by that, I am able to see Search Results on my left side of the image with 1-7 of 7 results for "Quick & Easy" in Cookbooks, Food & Wine.

Don't hesitate to give your feedback on my mighty Amazon Service.

Amazon Search for Sub Category
Amazon Search for Sub Category

Explore your interested item

When you are interested in specific item, click on that item on your left side of the screen. This would take you to a page with complete details on that item, which talks about Product Details, Product Description, Editorial Reviews, Customer reviews and a link to All customer reviews.

Below is the snapshot of the page for my selected specific item.

Partially captured detailed Product Page of my selected item
Partially captured detailed Product Page of my selected item


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    • choosetolive profile image

      Ravi and Swastha 4 years ago from London, Canada

      Thanks Peachpurple. Moving forward, you could use my Amazon Service URL for purchasing the products you are willing to. In case if you have any other products to be added to my Amazon Service, please let me know. So that I could fix it for my Readers in Hubpages community.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for writing the step by step on how to use this amazon feature. Very useful and easy to understand. Voted up