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My New Rules From A Trip To The Windy City (Fake It ‘Till You Make It)

Updated on September 17, 2016

Something felt like a curse. My moderately long hair was touching the bottom of my neck. It sounds silly that the length of your hair can literally cost you hundreds of opportunities, but it did. I take after many men whom I look up to, who usually could not care less about their appearance, which is why I have been proudly racking up credit card points.
I have been saving my wool dark blue pinstripe suit for the day I am sitting at the head of a boardroom meeting, but in the meantime I have been spending money like there is no tomorrow.
Here is what has changed.
1) Average ((rarely) combed) haircut.
2) Shiny pen and pencil (1 new and 1 antique Mont Blanc) ALWAYS Visible.
3) Watch, any watch will do, I like to tell a story whenever asked, I like to do that with the “Writing Instruments” as well.
4) Business Cards are an absolute necessity, even when you are jogging.
5) Gifts and gifts galore, I love giving people things for some reason, even when I cannot afford to do this. Strangers have almost always showed more compassion than family. Food is best. Think of the Snickers commercial…. “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Trust me; people get cranky easily and will turn down even the best offer in the heat of the moment.
6) Some golf skills are a necessity.
7) And profound vocabulary, variable eye contact and good ears and eyes.
8) You don’t have to be a Republican but you have to understand that there are almost never not Republican values in business, which means no flash or pizzazz.


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