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Crooked Cops and Officials

Updated on April 30, 2013

Ego Influences Excessive Power

Have you ever seen a cop or government official making a big deal out of something that wasn't a big deal? I have. And it kind of disappoints me. There are so many real problems out there, but you see people wasting their time on the little things.

For example, I saw a cop yelling at someone skateboarding. Why? Why are you wasting your time with someone who is happy and having fun...when there are murders and rapes happening probably every second of the day.

Instead of wasting your time on the things we can't really control...why not try to stop the things we should try to control. I mean if I was a police officer, I wouldn't be trying to stop people from having fun. That is pointless. Don't take happiness and free will away from people. Take away violence, drugs, and rape. That is where your time should be. Not on pointless speeding tickets, traffic violations, and fun lovers.

At the end of the day, you can't change people. They are going to do what they want to do regardless of how many laws you put in place. The universe already has laws...the job of the justice system and government is to regulate. To make sure justice is served, and to make sure we keep our freedom. Not to take more away.

I don't intend for this to be a long hub. I just wanted to point out that instead of wasting your time on people who are just trying to be happy...focus on the people who are trying to take away the beauty of life. The people who trying to destroy the happiness of others. Don't feed negativity because you are only doing the same thing as a criminal. In my eyes, that is not justice. No justice is being served by telling a kid to stop playing in a fountain. I mean why are you doing that? Schools are being shot up, and you are wasting your time on pointless situations that have no need to be controlled. That kid isn't going to hurt anything by playing in a fountain. But that dude with a gun might.

There is no justice in violating the rights of people. The only thing worth living for is freedom.


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How To Fix This?

Stop giving officials so much power. The only power anyone should have is over themselves. Like I said before, guidance is the way to lead. Throwing everyone in jail solves nothing. How many people have you seen get out and go back? Exactly.

In America, for some reason, it is apparently okay to keep allowing policies that do not work to stay in place. But it is not okay. The government needs to step up, be men, and handle the real problems with the world.

First and foremost, they need to stop lying. Don't say we don't want to go to war, and then still be at war. If you say something, make the decision and stick to it. What happened to the honest Presidents? The ones who stood for true freedom like Abraham Lincoln? Stop letting private banks (federal reserve), and the rich run the country. The UN has way too much power over our constitutional rights. I personally won't stand for it.

Make your laws, but true patriots will not allow you to take away our rights. At the end of the day, I will follow the real Constitution, and Laws of the Universe. Nobody can ever take away anyone's ability to choose unless they let them.

Always remember that the people hold true power. We are the reason they have jobs. We create the jobs, not the rich or the Government.

Freedom is the goal of life.

In my honest opinion, freedom should be the goal of anyone's life. Now don't over think this. But I truly believe everyone deserves the freedom to do any thing they want. As long as they don't take away anyone else's freedom. Respect and freedom go hand in hand. You have to give both of those to receiver either of those.

Without freedom and respect, I don't believe anyone will ever find true happiness or bliss.

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