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My Purchase From My Turtle Store Review

Updated on July 19, 2016

Cute Baby Tortoise

My Turtle Store Review
My Turtle Store Review | Source

Entering The Reptile Shelled World

So a few months ago I decided to get a tortoise and add a few more turtles to my selection. I came across a couple different sites and read a couple reviews on my turtle store in Florida. I decided to try them and I'm so glad I did. I ordered a couple tortoises and couldnt be happier in how they came in really quick and really happy. I live in the northeast and coming from florida is a long ride but it didnt seem to phase the tortoises or turtles from their store. These turtles and tortoises are such a rewarding animal that i never knew until i owned them. I plan on adding a couple more to the collect of them and they each have their own personality which is great.

They greet me each morning when I go to feed them. They are like little shelled dogs and beg for their lettuce and pellets that my turtle store gave me with them. The pellets are usually not popular among tortoises but mine love the ones i got with them which is good because they cant just eat lettuce their whole life.

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Baby Tortoise From MY Turtle Store

How The Turtles from My Turtle Store Came In

The shipping methods that were used are great because my new tortoises were eating that afternoon like nothing had happened which I thought was great. Also boy do they eat alot each day and are awesome because you could tell these little guys had been handled quite a bit because when I go to a pet store the tortoises are not so friendly and always pull back into their shell. I had some questions on what to feed the specifically so after finding mixed information on the internet. I called up my turtle store and they were super nice and told me what I could feed them which help out tremendously. I just wanted to make sure I do the best job I could for them.

My Turtle Store Review

Customer Service At My Turtle Store

I contacted both on Facebook and the phone and each time it was great. If I had a question that was after hours they were always their to answer on their facebook. Also after checking their website I found alot of great items that I had never seen on amazon and the prices were really good as well. The shipping was incredibly fast even when i had to change a item after I had placed the order already.

Buying Turtles From My Turtle Store - A Great Experience

I also got three turtle hatchlings and each came in really well and really healthy. I have talked to other people about getting turtles from other companies and after telling them about how my turtles were swimming around immediately they were amazed because they say that just doeant happen unless they are really healthy. That made me really happy to hear. Its been a few months now and the growth from the food they provided me was amazing and was the perfect size for the hatchlings. They also had a couple shrimp treats that my turtles go crazy for.

My turtle store items for sale

What I also like is that this store is great for looking through and deciding what you want and you dont have to wonder if its ok to use for turtle and tortoises. I hate going to major websites and going thru their product and trying to decide what products are safe or compatible. So like i said if unlike the one review i read about them being a ripoff they totally are not and they have made a customer for life out of me. So Thank you again My Turtle Store

One of the best experiences I have ever had when working with a pet business.

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