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My Review of the DIY SEO and Internet Marketing Guide by Darren Varnell

Updated on February 16, 2014


If you're going to create a website to sell products or services online, you need to know how to use SEO effectively so prospective customers can find your website in Internet searches, and you also need to know how to market your website effectively. I've read several books on this subject, but I think Darren Varnell's is one of the best. Not only does he cover how to search optimize the written content on your website, but he also covers how to search optimize other content on your website, such as pictures and videos. In this review I'll briefly discuss what he covers in each section of the book, and then I'll wrap up by giving my impression of the book and what I learned from it.

Part 1 - Internet Marketing

In the first section, Darren Varnell covers topics relating to Internet marketing. The topics he talks about include how to create a successful online business, creating a search-friendly website, doing keyword research, choosing a domain name for your website, creating and planning your web pages, different ways to market your website, and he also mentions a few websites you can use to track and analyze your website.

Part 2 - Website SEO

In this section, Darren Varnell explains what SEO is, and talks a little bit about the different SEO updates that came out in 2013. He also explains how to search optimize web content and images, how to use heading tags, the benefits of having a blog on your website, and how to prevent Google from indexing certain pages on your website that you may not want indexed.

Part 3 - Video SEO

Videos have become a popular way to promote products and websites, so the author decided to include a section on this topic. This section includes information such as the type of content you should include in your videos, how to choose video titles, how to write an optimized video description, choose tags, create video transcripts, as well as information on how long videos should be.

Part 4 - Social Media Marketing

Social media has become another popular way to market websites and product. In this section the author defines social media marketing, and also explains the benefits of social networking, different social networking sites, how to use social media, and how to integrate social media into your promotional efforts

Part 5 - Off Page Optimization

There are several things you can do off your website that are important when it comes to having it show up in search results. In this section, Darren Varnell discusses those activities - they include providing quality backlinks to your website, submitting your website URL to web directories, mistakes people make when submitting their website to web directories, and different web directories you can submit your website URL to. Darren also discusses how to spread the word about your website through real-world promotion in this section.

Part 6 - Advanced SEO

Darren Varnell covers several advanced SEO issues in this section, including page load speeds, whether your website has an authority site status, content markup ratio, your website IP address, legal matters and legal compliance, terms and privacy policy, and Internet marketing mistakes people make in these areas.

Part 7 - SEO in the Future

This section discusses the future of SEO. Darren Varnell makes some predictions about how the search context will change, the importance of search synonyms, mobile search and social search.

Part 8 - Top 10 SEO Tips

In this section, Darren Varnell provides his top ten SEO tips. They include having quality incoming links, doing keyword research, including quality text information, and the importance of creating unique content, among other things.

Darren Varnell ends the book with two appendices - one listing important links, and the other is an extensive glossary of important SEO terms.


This book is a valuable reference for anyone who's establishing a website, or trying to improve the performance of a website they've already established. Though I already knew the basics of how to establish a website and SEO optimize the written content, I didn't know a lot about video SEO, so that section was helpful to me. I highly suggest going through some of the sections of this book, such as the parts on website and video SEO, while you're in front of your computer, because it helps to see what Darren Varnell is actually talking about. Though he includes links throughout the book as well as at the end of the book, in my opinion it can be distracting to be taken away from the book and then have to go back to the place where you left off.


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