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When its Time to Leave Corporate America

Updated on December 30, 2016

Very Difficult Decision

I started more then 15 years ago in the mail-room and worked my way up to a financial advisor. While I truly enjoyed my time in financial services and the various companies I worked with, I found that I wasn't truly happy, or inspired. The last company I worked with was TIAA-CREF. After working so hard to obtain all the licensing and education required, working for someone else left me constantly stressed out, and eventually burnt out.Of course this is not an easy decision to make. The alternative was to continue working for a great company with excellent benefits. However at the end of the day, my unhappiness began affecting every aspect of my life. I had previously attempted various options from my employer, such as working part time, or telecommuting. Unfortunately those options weren't available in my particular position. I had frequently attempted to interview for other positions, but it was very difficult to move about. Once I had the licensing complete and the experience, along with top level production, it seemed they were set on keeping me in that position. In addition to looking at moves within my company, I considered looking towards other companies but afraid of running into the same burnout scenario.

The decision making process for me, became very involved. I had to weigh the pros and cons. First and foremost, I had to consider the financial impact. Significant cutbacks had to be made and will continue to be the situation for some time to come. The biggest sacrifice is in retirement saving which has been put on hold. In assisting with my decision, I considered all the things I can do from home for additional income and realized there are many. The largest part of my decision making process Are my children. I missed the first couple of years with a busy corporate schedule, and want to ensure that I am there going forward during the most formative years of young children.

Corporate America

Plan of Action

I have begun to implement my plan of action by opening my own online store through A passion of mine has always been antiquing and garage selling. I am able to turn that pastime into income, buy finding treasures and offering them to the public. I am just getting started, and have a long road ahead of me. Ideally, I should have ensured a stronger presence in the marketplace, thus earning larger revenue, before leaving my employment. However, I never had the time to pursue anything, so don’t believe anything ever would have happened. In addition to buying and selling of vintage products, I don’t want to leave the finance world completely behind. However rather than work directly in the field again, I hope to begin teaching others. So I am currently pursuing my teaching certificate. I feel that with my education and experience, I have a lot of knowledge to share with students. I plan to begin with tutoring and hope to move on to teaching entire classes.

Biggest Passion

My biggest passion is definitely writing, so in addition to the above, I now have the time to pursue my passion. From the time I was a small child, I loved to write fictional stories. I had quite the imagination! Throughout school, while others were playing sports, I was content to write to my hearts content. I also loved to share my stories with others. As an adult working in corporate America, just didn't have the time. I am very excited now, to finally have the time and have retained the passion, to share my thoughts and ideas with others. I am just beginning and definitely realize the tough road ahead. But I am looking forward to it! I truly hope to have a success story to share at some point in the future.

Hope for the Future

This decision is still fairly new for me; however I do continue to feel that I made the right decision. I realize I have along tough road ahead for me, but I am truly looking forward to the challenge. I also hope that my story intrigues others unhappy in their current job to take the same challenge. Life is simply too short to trudge through not enjoying each and every day. Life is so much more enjoyable when we are able to pursue our passions!

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