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What is a Social Network?

Updated on November 11, 2012

What Happened to MySpace?

MySpace for is every bit as important as Facebook for social networking.

MySpace was once the most popular social networking site on the internet, however, it lost popularity when Facebook was launched. Facebook was more appealing to more people as a walled-garden to keep their personal photos, and interact with close friends, but MySpace is catching up.

MySpace has recently been gaining new respect, particularly with entrepreneurs, One of the real differences between Facebook and MySpace is that MySpace allows everyone to view your content and interact with it, a big benefit for promotional purposes.

As a business owner, there are two main ways you can market your brand on MySpace: you can set up a profile to connect with potential customers,or you can use MySpace Advertising to expose your brand to them while viewers are interacting on your site. Because there are so many MySpace users, exposing your brand to only a small percentage of users can significantly increase traffic to your blog.

MySpace blog

Your MySpace account -By clicking the "My Blog" link under the "Profile" tab. If you are already a business blogger, you can post the same post into your MySpace blog with a link back to your blog URL, which will drive your readers to your external blog while creating a fresh MySpace blog.

Bulletins: these are short messages you can write that are posted to your friends' profile pages. Bulletins are a good way to market an event relating to your business, such as a sale or discount coupon, or inviting them to a gathering.

MySpace Has a Sleek New Look

If you have not checked your MySpace account since Facebook, you will be shocked. The look is more sophisticated and busier. You may also change the look with different themes, and will update your Twitter account.

MySpace Music

One of the big differences between Facebook and MySpace is the music option. Youngsters and music lovers have never left MySpace because of this feature.

Upcoming bands and solo artists use Myspace Music as a way of promoting their work and get their music exposed to many listeners. Just as youtube has revolutionized the film and TV industry, MySpace is making life a lot easier for potential musicians. Whereas it used to be that securing a contract was the gold, and getting that contract was next to impossible, if you use some intense marketing strategies, you can gain an audience that will clamor for you.

Just upload an MP3 audio file of songs, and videos, and don't forget to announce upcoming gigs.

Goin Groups

Another great way to expose your brand is to participate in a group, or create one related to your industry.

As a group member you may post bulletins, to the group and read other things that the group has posted.

Be sure to include a link to your website at the end of the forum topic.

MySpace Advertising

Anyone may create and run a banner campaign on MySpace; the only requirement is a minimum daily budget of $5 and that the advertiser be based in the United States.

When Creating an ad, you can either use the free Myspace template or upload your own ad as long as it is a standard format accepted by MySpace.

There are 2 cost styles: CPC and CPM. That is cost per click and cost per thousand. The type you choose is determined by if you are doing this for branding purposes as you main goal or not. Branding purposes would be that your main goal is to get someone to click onto your site.


When you are looking at sites specifically designed for social networking, remember that Facebook is one of the most popular options. Facebook is different from Myspace in that you can view complete profiles of only the people who are in your network, which means that Facebook is better for targeted networking and protected from spam. although Facebook was originally created for college students, it has grown to become a popular social networking tool for people from around the world and from all walks of life.

A few ways you may wish to use Facebook to drive readers to your blog.

  • Add your blog's RSS feed to your Facebook profile
  • Post personal notes and updated to keep people within your network apprised of what you are working on and news you want to share. If you have just finished a blog post you can send a message or publish an update. Who knows- you may have someone link to it.
  • Use the Facebook groups function to create a group for just abut anything you want and invite people to join it. Then you can send messages, share information, and chat with members in the croup.


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    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 5 years ago from California

      My recent experience has been that it is more international than FB. The reason I say this is because I have been contacted by people in French and Russian.

      Thank you for your comment Mynde..

    • Mynde profile image

      Mynde 5 years ago from Lithuania

      Very interesting article. I was always thinking about registering to MySpace. I have one question. Do you know what audiencie is in Myspace? I mean is it mostly USA-based visitors or more international like in facebook?