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My Success Story can be Your Success Story

Updated on November 24, 2015

Failure is the first step towards Success

I am not writing this article for the sake of being called a Motivator as Motivation comes from within. Nobody can motivate you better than yourself. While writing the first sentence itself I could remember the short story "King Bruce and the Spider" which was there in my text book in my primary classes way back in 1966. I think you might have also read this story.

The story is about Robert Bruce, the King of Scotland, who fought many battles. Once he got defeated and ran from the battle field. He hid himself in a cave and was highly depressed. He saw a spider in the cave trying to reach its web on the roof of the cave. Spider, a small creature, failed again and again in its effort to reach the web. The spider, after every fall, tried again and again and it did not loose heart till it reached the web on the roof in its seventh attempt.

King Bruce got a lesson from the Spider and his heart was filled with new ray of hope and courage. He came out of his hide and gathered his forces to fight the battle again. King Bruce fought the battle bravely and made his country free.

Why I have quoted the above story with a moral : Try, try again till you succeed ! Not to motivate my readers or to win laurels. It is self motivating. Nothing succeeds like self motivation. Who was motivating the Spider. It was self motivation. Do you need a motivator? If yes then ask yourself - What is my Goal. When you know your goal well then nobody on the earth can stop you from achieving the Goal. Believe it , I am writing, online, whatever is coming to my mind, as I have my goal in my mind. When you know your Goal, your mind will tell you the ways and means to achieve it. Once you have prepared your road map, follow it with courage and never loose heart. You will see a smooth sailing towards your goal.

Now is the time to tell you about my goal. There was a big question mark - what to do after retirement from my job. I had no knowledge about the internet or its related technology. What I knew was - how to manage my email account. I started with Facebook - the best known social networking site. I worked day and night to learn the intricacies of the web without any teacher as I did not want to spend any money. Here I started my journey on the web.

Then I came across the Blogger platform provided by the great Google. I started blogging. After every few days I will look at my blogs to find that the same were of poorest of poor quality. I will discard or delete the blogs and start afresh. I give all the credit to Google and the Blogger as I used to send daily feedback to Google with screen shots (as I learnt the techniques) and the next morning I could see that things at Blogger/Google platform was customized to suit my requirements as if some one at Google or Blogger was looking into my feedback on priority whereas now I laugh at myself when I came to know that Google Robots are doing the job.

I am still the beginner. Had I been a smart guy, I would have written my experience in at least a dozen articles to keep you engaged to my articles. In future when I master all the tricks I may be splitting this article to more than a dozen articles with sub topics. Presently my intention is to share my knowledge with the millions of audience or visitors on the web who might be struggling to make their presence felt on the world wide web.

Do you want to know as to "How I Got Approved as Google Adsense Publisher" ?

How to have Goggle Adsense API Host revenue sharing site?

The author of the article after getting approved as a Google Adsense Publisher and establishing himself as Google Verified Author started venturing for having his own site like HubPages, IndiaStudyChannel and Infobarrel, which share adsense revenue share with their authors through Google Adsense Host API tool. To fulfil this dream the author purchased self hosting from hostgator to have self hosted wordpress site with the tiele Web Question Answers where users, members and authors can have their sub domains as is being provided by HubPages, IndiaStudyChannel or Infobarrel. Now the author has completed all the formalities except the desired traffic of 100000 page views per day so that API Tool is got activated from Google. Definitely it will be another feather in the success story of the author who is pursuing his hobby of writing online content without any technical knowhow. The author hopes to revisit this article in the last quarter of 2015 to usher in new era of 2016 with a full fledged Adsense Host API revenue sharing site.

My Interview and Success Story published at YoSuccess

YoSuccess, Leading Website, which publishes the success stories and interviews of Entrepreneurs, Startups and Industry Stalwarts to celebrate their success to learn from their shortfalls, published My Interview for My Startup on 23rd Nov 2015. I am sure that this interview by YoSuccess will a go a long way in my Success Story.

© 2013 Ashok Goyal


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    • wqaindia profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashok Goyal 

      5 years ago from 448 Dalima Vihar Rajpura 140401 Punjab India

      Thanks for comments

    • webquestionanswer profile image

      Neha Goyal 

      5 years ago from Rajpura 140401 Punjab India

      It is hard truth that nobody else can motivate you than your self.

    • Jephiter S Ondari profile image

      Ondari S Jephiter 

      5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      So true.... intrinsic motivation is key to any success story.

    • wqaindia profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashok Goyal 

      5 years ago from 448 Dalima Vihar Rajpura 140401 Punjab India

      Thanks for your motivation

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      5 years ago from USA

      This is a great article with the reminder that we are our best and only motivator.


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