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My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts on the Internet

Updated on May 4, 2015

Why Podcasts are Awesome!

In my opinions, podcasts are one of the most awesome ways of distributing information to the people. Videos you have to sit down and watch but podcasts can be consumed any time your ears are free. That could include when you're out on a walk, when your playing video games, and during the mundane work of many office jobs. They're one of the best ways to learn more about the world and gain the perspectives and opinions of other folk out there and I doubt you could do wrong to give another one a listen. As such, here's a quick list of my top 5 all time favorite Podcasts on the internet.

#1: Freedomain Radio

Stephan Molyneux, the founder of Free Domain Radio, created a show that brings the logic in philosophy to a format that connects with the average person. Philosophy is not just something that college professors can talk about abstractly but rather helps guide us in relationships, our futures, and making sense out of society. He regularly does call in shows where listeners come in and discuss problem they are having in their work lives and relationships but also about sorting out some of the challenges of society including religion, government, and abstract concepts like determinism. I honestly believe that Free Domain Radio is a podcast that everyone should give a try.

Stephan Molyneux - Host of Freedomain Radio
Stephan Molyneux - Host of Freedomain Radio | Source

#2: The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast

The global economy has been in shambles for years and none of the problems have actually been resolved as of yet. Jack Spirko talks on his podcast about how each individual can build a better life for themselves in the world in spite of that by becoming more self sufficient and prioritizing the important things in their life. The show covers a variety of topics including homesteadding, what a tough economy means to you, and the important of being prepared whether that's having your finances in order, working towards a secure career, or practicing self-defense in case the situation ever arises where you need to defend yourself or your family. The show is up to the 1500s in episodes and has been putting high quality content out for years. Highly recommended for anyone thinking about rural living or concerned with the future of the economy.

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#3: Schools Sucks Podcast

We attend schools with the goal of having successful careers when we grow up, but do you actually remember what it was like being inside of the school system? By now, most people probably understand that there are a lot of problems with the school system including bullying, graduating without having marketable work skills, and if you look deeper the coersion that exists within the system to make it happen. The school sucks podcast talks about the history of the modern educational system, discusses the problems that exist within, and tries to make the case for better alternatives to the current system. There's a lot of valuable and information but I would recommend it especially for anyone young enough to still be in high school or college. Now - that's not to say you should just quit but it's good to understand the nature of the environment you're in and it might just help you to see your future more clearly.

The School Sucks Show talks about the history of education and the problems in the current educational system
The School Sucks Show talks about the history of education and the problems in the current educational system | Source

What genres do podcasts cover?

What Genres?
Just about Everything
Makeup / Fashion
Language Learning
Talk Shows
Making Money Online
Web Development
Web Design
Other Professions
etc etc etc
You get the idea ;)

#4: Chris Oatley's Art Cast

Chris Oatley is a professional artist gone freelance and into running his own business. A big part of his blog currently is to discuss the world of art from a professional standpoint but has information useful to anyone interested in running his own business or freelancing. He brings other professionals and freelancers onto the show and always has great insight into the industry and reality of making money in the world. Now I'm no artist but I did find what was said in his shows to be a real wake up call about what is needed to manage your own work schedule, work with clients, and to run a successful business. I'd definitely recommend it for any aspiring artists but it's also a good listen for anyone who has ever considered doing work outside of their 9-5 job.

Chris Oatley talks a lot about what you can do beyond being a simple artist or designer on his show.
Chris Oatley talks a lot about what you can do beyond being a simple artist or designer on his show. | Source

#5: Complete Liberty Podcast

Complete Liberty Podcast

This one is similar to Free Domain Radio in that it touches on the philosophy of such concepts as government, religion, and violence. Thinking back I may have actually found Complete Liberty before Free Domain Radio and it got me hooked about thinking through such concepts. It's packed with a lot of information and will really get you thinking about the world around you. Out of all of these, it's probably the one in need of more publicity so it would be especially awesome if you could give it a listen.


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