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My Worst Customer Experience

Updated on December 10, 2014

One of my worst customer experiences was when I visited Standard Chartered bank last year to open an account. The account opening form had a slot for indicating your address. However, since I was not used to the bank procedures, and what was supposed to be written in this space, I wrote my residential address instead. To my horror, one of the staff in the bank shouted at me as other customers watched. He furiously asked what I was doing with the space that was supposed to include a postal address. You cannot imagine the embarrassment I had to withstand on this particular day. This got me furious and even walked out from the bank without completing the procedure, and I have never gone back there since then.

I suppose that if that is really the way the staff operated in that bank, then they could have definitely been keeping customers off and even making the already existing ones discontented. To achieve customer satisfaction, the bank needs to employ a marketing concept identified as relationship marketing. This approach is aimed at satisfying the needs of clients. In essence, the concept of relationship marketing includes the development, maintenance and growth of a cost-effective, long-term relationship with individual suppliers, clients, employees, and other partners for mutual benefits (Lusch,and Vargo, 2010). In relationship marketing, the term “customer” takes on a new meaning whereby, the customer is considered as part of the organization ( Smith, and Higgins,2013). What this bank staff could have done was to assist me and direct me on what I needed to do with the form. He should have understood that his behavior was not only detrimental to me, but also other customers who saw and heard what happened.


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