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My top 2 web host reseller companies

Updated on October 3, 2009

There may be many companies out there offering reseller hosting services, but I wouldn’t trust half of them. I say this because I bet half of these companies purchased reseller hosting accounts from bigger companies in bulk, and they in return offer both individual hosting and reseller hosting services. This might not be a problem, but how do you know if the hosting company at the end of the tunnel is a reputable one with powerful servers and good uptime?

This is why I recommend the few hosting companies that I have had great experience with.

Well then, what companies do you recommend?

I highly recommend either Eleven 2 or Host Gator.

Eleven 2 is the actual company I use for my reseller hosting account, so I can personally vouche for their services. They have all the tools you need to get started, so you dont pay extra for client management tools. I really like their support system, and they tend to get back to me within an hour or two! Do you remember what I said about doing the least work possible to sustain your company, while keeping a reputable image? Well what if your clients dont have any problems, but have questions about installing certain software or handeling a certain task? Well I usually know how to handle the questions, but what if you dont know anything about web development? The beauty of reseller hosting account at Eleven 2 is that you can (and I usually do) take any of the support questions sent to you and send them to the support crew at Eleven 2, who will answer you back in a few hours. Essentially, you are the middle man, sending and receiving messages back and fourth, but at least you dont have to do any extra research and you can be assured that the answer given to your customer is by a knowledgable person from a great company.

What do you mean “they have all the tools you need to get started”?

As far as the tools provided by them, you get the complete WHM system. WHM stands for “web host manager”, and this tool is exactly that. Once you set everything up, this system will automate everything like accepting orders, setting up accounts, and informing you about payment and new orders. All you have to do is go into the admin area to manually accept orders, which I highly suggest you do. You can automatically accept all orders, but I like to check out who my new customers are and make sure their website doesnt go against my terms of service.

With a Eleven 2 reseller hosting account, the only thing I need to purchase additionally was a credit card payment terminal. I wanted to keep the customer on my site, and also wanted to retain my brand, so I purchased a gateway terminal where customers can pick a plan and pay all on my site. Now if you are starting out new and dont want to pay a monthly fee, I would recommend using Paypal or Google Checkout, both are free and great ways of accepting payment. Just remember that both charge a certain percentage of sale, so check out the websites to see which one you are comfortable paying.

Host Gator is another reseller hosting company that I highly recommend, and I am sure that you have heard of these guys! They have been around for years, and have maintained a pretty solid reputation. Like Eleven 2, they offer pretty much everything you need to get started with your reseller hosting account, you only have to choose how your going to accept your money.

So are you ready to get started? Here’s what you do…

  1. Pick a reseller hosting company; Eleven 2 and Host Gator are the ones I recommend.
  2. Sign up for their reseller hosting plan.
  3. Setup your basic information (Your company name, url, the different plans you want to offer, etc..)
  4. Setup your payment gateway (You can set up Paypal to accept your transactions for now)
  5. Start building your links and marketing your company

All of these topics will be covered later on in other articles, but your first step right now is to get an account with one of the companies I recommended! Get to it!

If you like my article above, please visit my website where I go into detail on how you can build a home business with reseller web hosting.


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