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MyNetworkOne - The Everybody Wins Network

Updated on February 2, 2015

A Win Win For Everyone!!

Everybody wins with MyNetworkOne. This is a program where the customer,the MNO agent ,and the company win. There are some great benefits for each one starting with the customer. How does the customer win? The customer wins by first of all getting their free marketplace where they can do all there shopping from. They save big time by using the marketplace and they earn cash back. Whats even better when they share their marketplace with friends and family they earn referral cash. Now thats a win win for the customer.

The MNO agent wins because when he shows a prospect the business and a person chooses not to become an agent he can put that person in his income stream. Meaning they can be a customer and the agent can still earn from that person. The agent also wins because he or she can earn several other ways. The way the program is setup it has an MLM side to is as well as an affiliate side. So there is more than 1 income stream.

The company wins by getting new and repeat customers and they also get paid for bringing eyes to all of the stores that are in their marketplace.The company also wins with their exclusive products that save people money and time. What better situation can we have than when everybody concerned wins. Watch this short video and learn how this can work for you.

MNO Marketplace

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