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A Review of MySurvey - It Is Not a Scam

Updated on July 31, 2012
Name of service:
Type(s) of work:
Marketing research and product surveys
Payment type:
Points system, traded for rewards
Payment schedule:
Unknown yet
Minimum payout:
Friend bonuses:
No Affiliate program, however there is a friends referral program
Software requirements:
Overall rating:
3 out of 5
Site Link:

Many people wonder if MySurvey is a legitimate business or a scam, especially since survey taking and work from home scams abound on the internet. is a site that provides marketing and product research to companies. They are also known as Lightspeed Research, and unlike many other such companies, are a Better Business Bureau accredited business, and boast an A+ rating. So it is certainly a legitimate company, and my limited experience so far proves that. What remains to be seen however, is how much work you can expect, how much you can make from it, is it a fair amount, and a general review of the site and the work.

Sign-up process review:

There is no sign-up link on the site that I can find, but there is a sign-up link I found through a blog. This blog said sign-ups were limited and only open at certain times. I will keep the link and share it, as well as my sign up experience. Through further searching, I have found two different places linking to the sign-up page, using the exact same URL, which leads me to believe it is not an affiliate or payback link. Sign-up was straight forward, however I did have a problem with my initial password being accepted, as only certain non alphanumeric characters are allowed, but that was easily fixed, just a minor site annoyance.

Site and work description:

After the initial sign up, I saw that there were two types of surveys, Lifestyle surveys, and 'regular' surveys. After doing one of one type, one of the other type would become available. Most seemed to be geared towards gathering demographic information, presumably so other surveys can be targeted correctly. They pay in two ways, with Reward points, which can be exchanged at a rate of 1,000 for $10, or they pay in Sweeps Entries, which are entries into a sweepstakes.

There is a friend referral program. You have to send your friend a form email from MySurvey, if they sign up and complete the “First Chance Survey”, which is sent 1-3 days after they register, then you receive 150 points (or $1.50).

Site and work review:

The site itself is simple and clean, and is organized well. MySurvey has an extensive FAQ section that answered quite a few of my questions. The site also has a contact form, a postal mailing address, and a toll-free number, so options for contacting the company abound.

Having been on MySurvey a few weeks now, I am seeing a pattern. I have received about one to four surveys a day. They always start out with a few demographic questions. If you do not fit those, the survey ends, it only takes a minute or two, and you get a sweeps entry. Otherwise, you continue with the survey. All told, in two to three weeks time I earned just over $10.00 in points. If I had qualified for more surveys I would have made more. This has not required a large investment of time, but has not yielded big results either. Still, for an occasional 10 or 30 minutes to click some buttons and/or watch a commercial, this is not bad.

Payout is by redeeming the points you earn for items or gift cards. You can also get electronic certificates or money sent to PayPal. One hundred points are the equivalent of one dollar, so conversion is easy, a point is a penny. However, the gift cards, e-cash, and PayPal options all have a markup of 100 to 150 points per $10.00. On other items it is harder to tell, as they display a price in points only, requiring you to research if it is a fair price.

Not long ago, I traded points for $10.00 from PayPal. The confirmation email said it could be 10-13 days. On day 13 I still had not received my reward. I sent a message through their contact web form. The next day a message was returned stating that for reward problems I needed to contact them a different way. Before I could however, I received a message from PayPal, the funds had arrived on day 14.


  • Easy to navigate site
  • Legitimate company, no scams
  • Simple to use website and surveys.


  • Only making about $10-$20 a month, but your results may vary.
  • Some surveys are too long, but not many.
  • By paying points, you have to convert the estimated length of a given survey in your head to see if it is worth your time.
  • Markup when transferring rewards to cash


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