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Myopic Novelty

Updated on February 27, 2017

Contagious conditioned behavior leading to emulation of the idea of being futuristic and novel has sometimes proved to be the Achilles ‘heel when it comes to doing justice to meeting the needs of the mass.

Classic examples in this regards take shape in the form of product or brand failures. The cult brand Harley Davidson that takes pride in being number one in heavyweight motorcycles with the essence of masculinity in our top of mind brand recall came up with over the top brand extensions like Harley perfumes and wine coolers. The myopic vision of capitalizing on the brand went excessively far with this brand extension, as it did not resonate with the target market that believed in the raw and tough heritage of Harley. This example does nothing more than re-emphasize the fact that balance of elements and 360-degree view matters when living the excitement of entering the new territory.

The beauty of this idea lies in its application in not only marketing or product launch but in our lives and many other dimensions, which makes it important to have good range of angles covered to give the eureka moment its validation. However, the validation should not impose destructive critical eye to crush the idea in the fist of worldly view. There is a thin line between being insanely creative and senseless. It takes characters from Netflix’s “American Genius” to give substance to that line and yet maintain their foot in the former territory.

Thanks to today’s digitally connected world that has paved a path for these validations to happen on places like Kickstarter by bringing desired elements of people, pricing, product and other connected factors on one platform. The genesis of validation entered the period of gestation with the concept of co-creation and Nike did an amazing job in this regards by giving the power of free design to its customers with the help of online tools. The whole idea in totality revolves around that novelty of an idea needs to be far sighted and validated by good number of viewpoints to live up to its worthiness, its only then that we can bring value to our endeavors for the generation to come.


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