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NASA Jobs Information

Updated on January 10, 2011

Job Opportunities in our Nation's Space Program

NASA's work opportunities are extensive and far reaching, some might say out of this world. So climb aboard and find the perfect career.

The work responsibilities and job categories at NASA ranges from the everyday operating of our facilities, to exploring the mind-boggling, farthest limits of the past, present, and future of our universe.

Besides astronauts, NASA employs many other specialized and nonspecialized job classifications and employment career categories. Working at the U.S. Space Agency can be a rewarding and fulfilling career. There are many jobs and positions available on an on-going basis.

NASA Occupations

Professional, Engineering and Scientific :
(accounts for 60% of NASA's positions)

Occupations in this category accounts for 60% of NASA's job positions and requires knowledge in a specialized field such as science, engineering, math, law or accounting, depending on the specific position. These positions generally require a bachelor's degree or higher degree with major study in a specialized field.

* Accounting
* Aerospace Engineering
* Biology
* Computer Engineering
* Computer Science
* General Engineering
* Meteorology

Find job opportunities at NASA.
Find job opportunities at NASA.

Space Agency Government Jobs

Administrative and Management:
(accounts for 24% of NASA's positions)

Occupations in this category require knowledge of concepts, and practices associated with organizations, administration or management. While these positions do not require specialized education, they do involve the type of skills typically gained through a college level education, or through progressively responsible experience.

* Administrative Specialist
* Budget Analyst
* Contract Specialist
* Information Technology Specialist
* Public Affairs Specialist

There are government agency jobs available all the time.

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    • profile image

      yogesh patil 7 years ago

      iwant job in nasa .now i study engg in e&tc

    • profile image

      payal sharma 7 years ago

      How to apply for jobs? Are there any online papers? Specifically what branches in engineering are preffered?

    • profile image

      moazzam idrees 8 years ago

      i am machanical engg.i want to join nasa.this is my dream.

    • profile image

      kasturi  8 years ago

      how to join nasa & how to apply

    • profile image

      Gayan  8 years ago

      how to apply.