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No Idea On a Career

Updated on February 22, 2016

Fantasy Vs Reality!

when i was young i wanted to be a rapper because i enjoyed writing music and it mad me calm when i was sad or angry. as i grew up i just stop because i had alot of haters and no support. now i dont know what i want to do as a career. i want to go back to rapping because it feels like the only thing i can do. i went to college and studied multimedia programming but i did not like it. people think you have to go to college to be successful but the truth is you just have to know what you want. i know many people who didn't go to college and and are making alot of money and enjoying themselves. college is a back up just in case your dream job doesnt come true. as time passes i still don't know what i want to do. don't wast time thinking just do what you love no matter what anyone says.

do you think college guarantees success?

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