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Nature of Job Analysis

Updated on April 3, 2010

Job Analysis

This picture able to describe about job analysis
This picture able to describe about job analysis

Nature of Job Analysis

Everything about the workforce, its collective skills, morale, experience, and motivation depended on attracting and selecting the right employees.

About Job Analysis:

You can say that job analysis has a meaning as the procedure through which you determine the duties of these positions and characteristics of the people to hire them. Job analysis used for writing job description and job specifications.

Job description also means a list of what the job entails.

Job specifications got meaning what kind of people to hire for the job.

Supervisor or Human resource specialists normally collect one or more data through job analysis:

-Human behaviors: The HR specialist collects data such as sensing, communicating, deciding and writing.

-Work activities: He or she collects information such as cleaning, selling, teaching or painting. Included how, why, and when the employee performs each activity

-Performance standards: The employer may also want information about the job’s standards which will be used by management to appraise employees.

Usage of Job Analysis Information

Recruitment and Selection: Job analysis provides information about what job entails and what human characteristics are required to perform the job. The information, in form of job descriptions and specifications, helps management decide what sort of people to recruit and hire.

Compensation: The information of job analysis is crucial for estimating the value of each job and its appropriate compensation (salary and bonus).Compensation usually depends on job’s required skill and degree of responsibility, education level and safety hazards, etc.


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