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Navigating QPB's Website

Updated on January 4, 2011


Recently, I published a review of Quality Paperback Book Club, a website where you can find books for pretty low prices provided you don’t mind hunting around a bit. I talked about the signup process and what you can expect from the website. There are, however, a few things that I feel need some additional and more in-depth attention, hence the purpose of this hub. If you are not familiar with QPB, you might want to do a little research before reading this, or take a look at my review. Those who know QPB and want to watch me dissect the website, buckle up and hang on. The ride’s beginning.

Purchase Commitment

The Purchase Commitment is the number of books you need to buy by a certain date. You cannot delete your account until your purchase commitment has been fulfilled. They understandably do not want people taking advantage of the enrollment deal and then never ordering another book from them again. To fulfill my own purchase commitment, I had to buy another two books before a full year passed from my initial signup date. Not an unfair timeframe at all. The website explains what does and does not (e.g.: CDs) qualify for the commitment in the Help section. There is a section in the left-hand column dedicated to your purchase commitment, but unfortunately, they don’t tell you everything…

Book Search

You would think this would be fairly straight forward, but there’s a catch. Admittedly, I did not become aware of the catch until it… well, caught me. I got a little lazy and didn’t bother to check what results a search had given me, and so did not realize I was a making a purchase from a Book Search Plus listing. I also did not know there was a difference between Book Search Plus Results and plain, old Search Results. There is. And only regular Search Result books count towards the purchase commitment. You’ll want to keep your eyes open for Book Search Plus Results and make sure you’re not trying to fulfill a commitment with these books.

For reference, this is what you will see when a search yields both Search Results and Book Search Plus Results:

Search Results and Book Search Plus Results
Search Results and Book Search Plus Results | Source

Compare that to this, with only Book Search Plus Results:

Book Search Plus Results Only
Book Search Plus Results Only | Source

Book Search Plus Results do not qualify for purchase commitment fulfillment because the books come from an outside company. QPB orders them from the other company and has them shipped to you, but because these books do not come directly from QPB, they have a few strings attached. You will still get promised Membership Deals and the prices QPB lists on their website, but you’ll still need to find non-Book Search Plus books to fulfill the commitment.

Account Overview

On the Account Overview page, you can see how many books you still need to buy in order to fulfill your purchase commitment as well as your account number, the balance, and the number of Bonus Points you have.

Account Overview
Account Overview | Source

You can see I have 3 Bonus Points. You get Bonus Points by purchasing books directly through QPB. This means no Book Search Plus books… again. But books you buy in order to fulfill your purchase commitment get you points, and these can be redeemed for further discounts.

Order History

Order History is exactly what it sounds like. It lets you keep track of the status of your orders, and tells you if a particular product has been backordered. You should get an email warning you that your order is not in stock, but you can also find this in your Order History if you’re not the best email checker.

From your Order History page, you can also access your Featured Selection History. Click the link at the bottom (which I underlined in red in the image) and you will see your record of declining or accepting Featured Selections.

Order History. Click for larger size.
Order History. Click for larger size. | Source

Featured Selection

To accept or decline Featured Selections, simply click “Featured Selections” in the upper right corner of the website page. (Links for your account, wishlist, and other pages are located there, too.) Featured Selections are not the same thing as Recommendations, and you do not need to accept or decline Recommendations. Remember, though, that if you do not go to this page:

Featured Selection
Featured Selection | Source

and decline your featured selection, they will be automatically billed and shipped to you whether you want them or not. These typically come up once a month and you should get an email reminding you to respond to them, but you might want to get into the habit of checking once every two weeks just to be on the safe side.

You should see this after declining your Featured Selection.
You should see this after declining your Featured Selection. | Source

Closing Notes

I wrote this hub in hopes of clarifying a few grey areas surrounding QPB. If there are any additional questions, the website lists their contact information on their Help page.


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