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Need Some Advice About Nepotism?

Updated on September 7, 2015

A lot of people don’t like nepotism, but what they don't realize is that nepotism is always there, they just didn't notice it. Before you get angry with this practice, did you check how nepotism is working and its many forms? Maybe you forgot to check that it can also be considered as networking.

But if you cannot avoid it, how can you use it to your advantage? It's time to find out how to avoid getting affected by the bad side of nepotism.

1. When they refer an applicant, they think that it will not affect their credibility.

Whenever you help somebody and you let them write in their resume that they are referred by you, it reflects back to your credibility. Your name can either be drag down or lift up. So be careful who you refer.

2. They are not aware that nepotism is already in the policy implemented in their company.

Maybe a member of your family or a relative needs a job. Then have you thought of referring them first in the company you're working with? If so, are you using your connection within the office to help him or her get hired fast? That's nepotism. You just didn’t notice it but it is there and it is utilized by you.

Actually, companies encourage their employee to refer people to apply for their job vacancies with referrals. They'd rather choose to work with them (applicants with referral) rather than hiring a total stranger from the outside.

3. Don’t get angry when you are not hired yet.

A great number of people are always angry about nepotism, for the reason that they didn't get hired. If it happens to them, they get disgusted. They wanted to open up their opinion and say it publicly. They'll often say that they don't get hired because of nepotism. Look at it this way, when was the last time you ask for a person to refer you to a company, and they did so. It means you are also using the system.

Bottom line, don’t get angry. Deal with it and move on. It’s not the end of the world. Go to another company and try again.

4. Try to look beyond your Alma matter

Plenty employers are hiring employee because they graduated in the same school. Look at it this way; it is not morally bad if the person is qualified. But if you think that you are hiring an unqualified person, just because you graduate from the same school, it doesn’t seem correct anymore. Justify your reasons before hiring a person in the same Alma matter like you.

5. Don’t let your family or relative abuse your position in the company.

This is a terrible side of nepotism. Why so? I’ve seen a lot of situation wherein the said seafarer is not doing his job, and his team onboard suffers because of his bad attitude and lack of action in doing his job. They always say that their relative own the company or knows the owner of the company. It's like committing a crime, because the intention is to hamper the work.

6. Running a business with the entire relative as your employee.

There are plenty of situations like this, wherein the owner of the company hires their relatives as employee. Don't get me wrong, it is not bad if everybody is doing their job according to their position in the office or ship. But if you know that your relatives are not doing their part as an employee in your company, and if you continue to hire them you'll be having problem sooner than later.

7. Hiring with the wrong mindset.

Whenever hiring manager's interview an applicant that is not related to them, they are often strict and always according to the company’s guidelines. But does the same apply with their relatives or friends? I think not. They give them a chance to say what they have to say even if it is wrong. For formalities sake they will put them in the process, and even if the result does not favor them, they will still hire them.

Don't forget about the companies goals. Use it as a guideline in deciding whether to hire a person or not. If they cannot meet those requirements, decide whether to continue or consider other applicants. If you want to extend help, guide them on what to do, so that they can be in line with the company's goal.

8. They never check their own employees performance.

Before you even hire a person, check first your list of employees. Look for qualified people that could fit the job vacancy that you are looking for.

If your employee has serve you that long, don’t you think it is rightful to give them that chance or promotion before giving it to others?

Nepotism can be good, if you know your boundaries and how to use it. You should never use it to your advantage in the expense of ruining a person’s career. Keep in mind that nepotism can be considered as networking as well. If you want to introduce yourself to others so that you’ll get hired, you should try your social media network. All you need is to type the words so that everybody in your network can see it.

Nepotism is there but you didn't notice it because comes in many forms. Aside from that, you have been practicing nepotism without even knowing it. But the bottom line, when hiring people, use your logical thinking and do not abuse your influence in the company.

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