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Need a Job? Here's How to Land One...

Updated on July 25, 2012

Let's face it. We all know it can be pretty hard to find a job these days. With Unemployment rates still at an all time high, there are many people still out of work, and losing hope of ever finding it. Read on to learn just what you need to do to help you find a job. You may already doing these things. But maybe you'll stumble upon a tip you haven't tried yet!

First and foremost, make sure your resume is current, correct, and confident! Do you have your most recent position and duties listed? Double and triple check for spelling or punctuation errors – these can get you overlooked quickly. Is your contact information current? Lying about a degree or place of employment? Not a good idea. While it is common to stretch the truth on some aspects of your resume, it is not a good idea to fudge dates, titles, or to lie outwardly about holding a particular degree or job. Most employers do reference checks, and some even do educational background checks. So listing a degree you never finished, or adding a fake employer during a gap in your employment…. is probably not going to help you get a job. Be honest in your resume. Most Recruiters will call you if they like your experience – regardless of gaps in employment. Next, make sure you’re confident in your resume! Are you proud of your work history and experience? Present your resume in a format that looks professional, presentable, and accurate. Need help writing a stellar resume? Get some great tips here.

Next, post your resume on the popular job boards. Start with,, and You can create free accounts with these boards, which will allow you to post your resume and search for jobs for free. This is huge. As a Recruiter, I can tell you one of the first places we go, to search for candidates to fill open positions, are these job boards. And Linkedin….

Which brings me to my next point… Create a Linkedin profile! If you haven’t heard of the site, it’s time to get acquainted. is a professional networking site – I call it “the professional Facebook.” You can create a profile that details your work history – much like a resume – detailing each company, position, dates, and specifics of the jobs. Co-workers, bosses, and direct reports (past or current) can even write you recommendations (much like references) for your work. You can “connect” with other professionals, join groups in your industry, and search for job openings. For someone looking for a new job, this is the place to be. Recruiters spend lots of time sourcing candidates from Linkedin… so make sure you can be found!

Don’t forget to network! Reach out to people you know in your industry. Tell them you’re in the market for a new job. Let friends and family know you’re searching. Put it on your social networking sites as an update. Reach out to old bosses or colleagues that may know of openings. Sometimes networking is the best way to find a new job. After all, it’s all about who you know sometimes!

Go to Job Fairs. “Google” job fairs in your area, and you can find info on upcoming fairs in your area. If you’re an alumni at a college, reach out to them as well – most colleges let you attend their career fairs as a graduated alumni.

Spot check your social networking sites. If you have a public profile, they should be appropriate enough that you wouldn’t mind your boss seeing everything on your profile. If in doubt, remove posts or pictures in question. While job seekers have to maintain a certain level of privacy to you, they still may stumble upon something on a site… and if they find something negative… it could affect your chances in getting the job.

Make sure you’re accessible! Check your voicemail and email often, in case you miss a call from a Recruiter or Hiring Manager. Call back as soon as possible if you miss a call or email.

Hopefully the most obvious of the tips….. Apply to jobs!! Use the job boards discussed earlier to search for openings. There are other boards that can be helpful including,,,, etc. Now-a-days, the best way to find a job is online.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use a staffing agency if you need extra help! Google “staffing agencies” in your area and you’ll be presented with a list of places to call. Employment or Staffing Agencies are companies that do nothing but connect people with jobs, and employers with candidates. Most of them do a background check, and a simple skills assessment, after they collect your resume and interview you. They gather your background, interests, salary and location requirements, etc. They can then reach out to you when they have an opening at a company they think you’d be a good fit for. Most agencies can help you find temporary positions, temp-to-hire positions (after a temporary period of time, usually 30-90 days, they hire you if things are going well), and permanent positions. This can be helpful even if you just need some temporary work to help pay the bills, while you continue your job search. Another great way to network!

Most importantly, don’t lose your confidence! The economy is rough, the job market is sparse, and looking for a job is emotionally draining! Just don’t forget to give it your all, stay confident, be persistent, and remain hopeful. You’ll find something if you give it enough time, and have a good attitude. Good luck!

And once you do get that call from a Recruiter, wanting to discuss your experience and the position you're interested in... don't forget to read my hub on "5 Things Never to Say to a Recruiter." Make sure you nail that phone interview and get that next step interview!


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      This is a great hub especially in today's landscape. Lots of good ideas for those who really want to go to work.