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Need an Article - A How To Guide

Updated on December 10, 2012

NAA - How it Works

What is Need-An-Article

Need an Article (NAA) is an article services site with a warm approach. Businesses around the world look for NAA to provide content for their websites or marketing needs. However, there are several other benefits associated with Need an Article.

Before you start using their services it's important to understand how everything works. It starts with understanding that this article services site uses "real-life" people to write the content for you. Everything is written manually without any type of spinning software. This provides a more unique and natural flowing article for your website and/or marketing needs.

Breakdown of Writing Costs

Picture showing a breakdown of costs for writing services offered at need-an-article
Picture showing a breakdown of costs for writing services offered at need-an-article

The Cost of Quality Content

When you do a little research on the Internet, there are several freelance writers and article "teams" that offer various prices for content. Some are extremely inexpensive and others are very expensive. When you create an account with Need an Article you will pay for a monthly subscription (currently only $9.95 USD).

This subscription gives you access to over 100 quality writers that were handpicked by the NAA staff. Each writer must go through a vigorous process to make the Need an Article team. This allows clients like yourself to feel more comfortable about the content you're going to receive.

The monthly service also allows you to receive quality content that is less expensive than most other article services around the Internet. Small and large businesses alike understand the importance of efficiency. When articles are written right the first time around, you don't have to waste time making corrections and experiencing long delays.

It's one of the many reasons why individuals and companies outsource their writing needs to Need an Article.

Sample account info
Sample account info

Making Your First Request

Once you're a member of the Need an Article website, you have the ability to place article requests. These are based upon your personal necessities. For instance, if you need one original article about interior design then just explain your needs. You can provide a title for the writer or you can request to have one created for you.

If there are certain keywords that will be used, just add them to the request. Some individuals need content that comes across as a conversational tone while others prefer a technical approach. Whatever the case may be, when you request content from NAA it's all about you.

Once you believe the request is setup properly, it's time to make it available to all the Need an Article writers. Each one of them will have the opportunity to review your request and accept it. When the article request is picked up you will be able to see who is writing the content for you. There will also be a messaging area where you can keep in contact with them.

Quality Control and Delivery

One of the premium benefits of Need an Article is the process before receiving the content. Anytime an original piece of content is completed by a writer they will provide the initial proofread and send it off to the final proofreading area. The NAA administrator and staff will then conduct the final review.

NAA then gives you a finished piece with no grammatical errors, typos, or anything considered "duplicate content." Best of all it was created based upon your needs. When the final proofread has been completed, NAA will send the content to you and you will own full rights.

Need an Article Admin Panel
Need an Article Admin Panel

More than just Original Content

Need an Article offers a long list of services for your website or marketing needs. Here are some of the opportunities available through NAA:

* Article Submission
* Backlinking Services
* Blog content
* Blurbs
* Brochure and Newsletter pieces
* Business Writing
* EBook Content Creation
* Forum Posting
* Hubs here at Hubpages
* Original Content Creation
* Press Releases
* Rewrites
* Squidoo Lens Creation
* Wordpress Site Building
* and much more...

I recommend looking over the NAA website and getting a better feel for everything they have the offer. Take some time to listen to or read the client testimonials. It will truly give you an inside look on how Need an Article provides high-quality customer service and great content for their clients.

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    • HennieN profile image

      HennieN 6 years ago from South Africa

      Very cool hub. An easy way to get quality articles in your own niche.