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Negotiation Skills

Updated on June 17, 2010

Negotiating To Succeed

Almost everyone in sales is required to negotiate. Most sales people are not as effective at negotiating as they could be?

Did you know that all the decisions we make daily is a result of a negotiation process? Some of us will disagree with it, but it is true and, to make my point, I will present to you a few scenarios.

We are always negotiating with ourselves, with our friends, with our families, with our enemies, with our customers, with our bosses and so on. Do you get my point? If not read on!

Example 1: We negotiate with our boss for a better salary or for a promotion.

Example 2: We negotiate with our spouses during fights which normally result of one side giving up something to the other side, this usually happens because, one side can no longer carry on the argument.

Example 3: Countries usually go to war due to lack of successful negotiation between the involved parties.

Example 4: Successful salespeople usually possess great negotiation skills and, therefore, they are able to close more sales than those salespeople who lake of such skills.

So, after providing the above examples, do you agree that "negotiation skills" to be an indispensable characteristic or attribute that everyone should develop through out his or her life, in order to be more successful in his or her life? Personal and professional?

So, what are the characteristics of great sales negotiatiors?

 Great negotiators typically have a few things in common and, they are the following:

- Understanding of the negotiating process, focus on win-win, patience, creativity, willingness of experiment, confidence and, keen listening skills.

Understanding of the negotiating process:

Highly effective negotiators:

Recognize and understand the negotiating is a process.

Recognize that negotiating is much more than haggling about price.

It requires an understanding of the dynamics that affect the process and influence the behavior of people.

Great negotiators invest time learning different tactics and strategies and how each technique contributes to the overall outcome.

Focus on Win-win:

Great negotiators Believe that: they help their customers/clients try to solve problems and look for opportunities to give as much value as possible.

They also know how to limit their concessions, give aways, and discounts so they can work out an agreement that is equitable for both parties.


Great negotiators recognize that:

Patience is a virtue and that rushing the process often leads to an undesirable outcome.

They don't hurry to reach an agreement, instead, they take time to gather the necessary information.

They think carefully about possible solutions. They take time during the entire process.


Most negotiators: are very creative.

They use their problem-solving skills to: determine the best solution and look for unique ways to achieve their goals.

Willingness to experiment:

Negotiating is a very dynamic process because no two people are alike.

What work  well in one situation might not work in another situation.

Great negotiators practice a variety of concepts and techniques.

They experiment different ideas all the time, they are not afraid of trying new things, even if, the new ideas don't work that well, they don't those small failures to prevent them from continuing trying new ideas, strategies and techniques.

They continually try new techniques and, they continually look for alternative solutions for their clients issues.


Great negotiators are: confident with everything that they need to know and do in order to be successful in what they are doing. And to ensure success, they ask the right questions at the right time and, they listen carefully to their customers' answers.

Keen listening skills:

A large percentage of sales people don't use their listening skills or lack of such skills, therefore, when their customers are talking they will be inpatient to listen to their customers, they will interrupt their customers while they are talking and, when that happen, they miss important and vital information that their customer would likely share with them to help them close the sales.

Most people when they are talking, will tell you almost everything that you need to know and that will help you close your sales, but you must listen to them carefully.

Negotiating is not a skill that can be easily acquired. It usually takes time, dedication and commitment from one to learn.

One must invest in his learning process to acquire and improve this so important skill. Help yourself, get out of your comfort zone, this will only help you.


Good luck!  


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      Joe 7 years ago

      Thank you wsupaul88, I appreciate for visiting my hub!

    • wsupaul88 profile image

      wsupaul88 7 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Cool Hub, I wrote a similar one a while back.