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The Legend of the Iron Mom Lives On

Updated on August 1, 2012

Drum roll...

I'm tickled pink (yeah...I said it...) to follow up on my latest journey. Drum roll, please...............

I'm moving to Jacksonville in less than a month! YAY! Now...seriously...what the HELL was I THINKING?! I can't move three children, a 75 pound dog, all our worldly belongings by myself and in less than a month...and keep my sanity! (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

Actually, the truth is, I have things handled fairly well. The U-Pack unit is ready to be dropped off at the house, the boxes are slowly being packed and stacked up, the kids are fairly happy and cheerful...but...the downside to all this is that I'm losing an obscene amount of sleep to get everything together. And I put in my first application for a rental home. It's beautiful...and it will work until my husband gets back (fingers are still crossed for him to be home before December).

The hardest decision was, of course, uprooting my children from everything they have known. They are young, ages seven, six and five years old. But, living seven minutes away from Grandma and Papa, living next door to Aunt Sarah and eight minutes away from GiGi (Great Grandma) has had it's perks. Random drop-ins, a hot meal, a small swimming pool, a fenced in back yard with the best sand pit ever at Grandma's and Papa's house...And the closeness and unity of our family. We are a small family and we have always been only a few minutes away from each other. It will be hard for the kids (and me) to realize that they won't be steps away from Aunt Sarah and their cousin Lily.

But...children are resilient. And even though changes are hard...sometimes they are necessary. I want my kids to experience a lot of different things...I want them to have the experience of living near the coast, see palm trees, see that you can make friends wherever you are...and learn how to adapt. This will be good for my little family. Once their dad gets home - it will be like starting anew. We will only have each other to rely on. We will have to "make it or break it."

Since I am linked by DNA to the original IRON MOM (said in the tone of the song by Ozzy..."I am Iron Man")...I, too, am now an (amateur) Iron Mom. I will make this work...or I will fake it 'til I make it. The Iron Mom values have been passed down to me by the most amazing, strong and beautiful person I Iron Mom. She has shown me through the years, no matter what the circumstances or tribulations, a person can survive anything. I will forever be grateful and never forsake her the true title of Iron Mom. I can only hope to live up to half of her legend.

I am happy for the decision I have made. I will miss my small, but genuine, group of friends. I have been lucky enough to surround myself with truly good human beings - the kind of people who I am 100% certain I will remain friends with forever.

It's going to be okay. It's also going to be a spectacular farce and so much fun.

And like the Esperanto tribes say:Vi nur vivas unufoje.

You only live once.


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    • bzirkone profile image


      6 years ago from Kansas

      I passed the Iron Mom torch years ago.. nearly 8 to be more specific. Now I am just the old, soft grandma. I like it better. I will miss the kids and my heart is, of course, breaking. But, it is a good move. The kids will love it and I will forge a path to Jacksonville, via Clarksville and try to find a way to pull those Lauderdale folks into the adventure. In the end, it will all be good.. or mostly good. And, I will survive. Because I was Iron Mom.

    • Brook Health Care profile image

      Linda Shanabrook 

      6 years ago

      The kids were grown. Hoping they will follow us shortly.

    • indiaguerita profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you for reading! You didn't take your kids with you when you moved?? Or you don't have kids?

    • Brook Health Care profile image

      Linda Shanabrook 

      6 years ago

      Made the same decision and move 6 years ago, sans the kids and the dog was 45 lbs. Good Luck!


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