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Nepotism, 5 Bad Reasons

Updated on January 8, 2013

Nepotism, good or bad. It can be something that creates an environment that is hostile or one in which one can thrive.

Nepotism typically happens in family owned businesses and creates familiar support. Business longevity. A good reputation. Continued ideals.


  • favoritism
  • laziness
  • fear
  • negativism
  • inept job performance

Nepotism takes good jobs away from those that want them, those that are qualified for them and those that earn the position through hard work.

Nepotism causes ill will among staff members and colleagues because they don't know how to deal with the situation that has been forced on them.

Nepotism causes laziness. It is linked to the destruction of morale. It creates a undercurrent source of bad feelings.

Nepotism on the part of the person whom it benefits can have the feelings of inadequacy and guilt.

Nepotism goes against the idea of achievement or earning something through hard work and merit.

How it affects employees

  • negatively
  • suspicion
  • mistrust
  • unsure feelings
  • bad feelings

How it affects the nepotist

  • insecurity or arrogance
  • guilt
  • tyranny
  • unfulfilled
  • fearful

These emotions are typical but not necessarily evident. Most employees subjected to nepotism harbor feelings where they feel used and abused.


Because they typically are called upon to cover for the behavior and the mistakes and failures of the nepotist. They also find themselves responsible for the training of the person. Showing them the ropes only to have to work for them.

They feel that they have been taken advantaged of and have no recourse especially when they find that they have complaints or issues concerning the job or their boss.

Nepotism derails goals and sidelines individuals that find themselves having to contend with it and what it does to them as a worker or their morale.

A good thing?

One resoundingly good thing about nepotism is that it drives an individual out of their comfort zone and into their career potential, the employee or the nepotist, as always it depends on how frustrated they become.


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