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Nepotism, 5 Good Reasons

Updated on January 12, 2013

Nepotism, most of us don't ever know what this is outside of business. And most of us don't care outside of business. Until we encounter it! Usually negatively.

Nepotism is defined as patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship as in business and politics

Depending on who you talk to, it could be a good thing or a bad thing. Yet, there are many reasons that make nepotism favorable.

The problem usually occurs when it involves an inept candidate that is related to the boss. You know, that person who gets the job but doesn't take it seriously enough to do good. Other employees normally know this within the first few weeks of working with the individual.

They, the nepotists, typically exhibit all the bad qualities, that if they weren't related to someone would end up being kicked out of the job, fired with out apology.

Bad traits

  • lazy
  • late
  • insubordinate
  • inept
  • non teachable

Bad thing is when the person who lands the position does not even try to better themselves and excel at the position, which could have and probably in most cases been given to someone else, who was better suited for the job or who had earned it.

Most of us would prefer not to have to work with family members. Especially when it can lead to job performance issues, that could lead to problems for others and not the relation.

In certain situations i agree with nepotism.

It has created a longevity in businesses that would never have existed pass the start up of the parent. In most cases it gives way to expansion and therefore more economic growth and stability in any community. Businesses that are passed on from generation to generation typically have the perception of standing for something good.

This is typical of family businesses. Children inherit and are slated to take over once the parents pass on. The children are usually groomed for a position of leadership. They have learned how to do the job from the time they were big enough to help, because they are exposed to more than just the running of the business, but have been exposed to the private thoughts and insights of the one who built it.

It is of course their inheritance, if that is what the parent's want and believe is best.

That is only if the individual wants or is interested in continuing in their mother's or father's or family relation's footsteps.

Trouble is a lot of children find that they have other interests. That they are only interested in the money and status their parent's hard work, blood, sweat and tears generated through and in the business world.

Yet nepotism has all the advantages as well, if and when a child or children may want to take over the reins and run the family business.


  • Familiar support
  • Economic growth
  • Good reputation
  • Stability and trust
  • Continued ideals and philosophies

Nepotism, has been linked to powerful institutions like the Catholic church and religious organizations where nephews would inherit the papal position.

But businesses built by one generation continued by successive generations are built on and continued by nepotism. It works when the right children take on positions that carry the company forward, whether through new vision or not while maintaining the integrity of their parent's vision.

Personally, i feel it is a shame when businesses die through neglect by the next generation. Selling out has always proven to keep a dream alive but it typically does not guarantee that the same ideals are carried on either.

Depending on where you live in the world nepotism is a strong backbone of business. Typically Eastern countries are based heavily on family members working together. But i know from personal experience that this happens in the Caribbean as well.

But it doesn't just happen in these areas. It occurs in businesses all over the world, in rural areas as well as cities.

Nepotism can be found in most governments of the world. The US government is known to have it's fair share. Big businesses in many cities have their fair share. Hollywood has it fair share but we refer to most of these businesses as family dynasties.

Lots of organizations have put in place ways of combating nepotism especially where they have to deal with a direct line of supervision, it seems to work, but not always.

Nepotism has it's place and i am for it in many respects because it continues the character of those that established the business for whatever reason they did and helping family is one of the greatest reasons one starts a business.

Nepotism is a good thing as long as it is benefiting all involved. That like most things is a balancing act.


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