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Network Marketing – Part III

Updated on May 9, 2011

A day in the life of a network marketer:

Once you join a network marketing company you would probably be joining a team of network marketers. You would have an upline who would be your mentor, trainer and facilitator while you learn the ropes. Most uplines will tell you that until you begin to make a decent income your priorities should be God/Faith, Family, Job and then the network marketing business in that order. That makes absolute sense since there is no sense losing your job before you make a decent dime from the business.

Contrary to what some “not so honest” uplines may tell you there is monetary investment required. You will have to stock some degree of products to provide on the spot service to customers, you will need to spend on demo kits, motivational material, seminar tickets, travel expenses etc. So you need your job and the income that comes from it.

So every day you would wake up and go to work as normal. Most of your activities start in the evenings when you go out to meet new people. If someone thinks they can grow a large network marketing business out of family, friends and colleagues, they’re in for a rude shock. Not everyone your sure will join you is going to join you...take my word for it. As you meet new people you would get friendly and basically interview that person subconsciously to see if he’s got it to be part of your team. If so you should exchange numbers before the conversation is over and give him a call later to check if he is interested in doing business with you and joining your team.

Most network marketers will follow up with such prospects at a later date after having fixed an initial meeting to present the marketing plan and compensation details. The follow up session is meant to clear any doubts or misconceptions the prospect may have. If all ends well you sign up the person as part of your team. Remember: in a legitimate network marketing company you won’t get paid for signing someone up. He only forms part of your sales team and money is made only when sales are made. Often the next stage would be obtaining a list of prospects from the new joiner’s contacts and to check their interest in having a look at the business. You then repeat the above process for new prospects.

Sounds simple? Well it is simple...but it’s not easy. Many prospects will refuse to talk to you while many others will laugh at you for joining a ‘scam’. You see, until you can educate someone on a subject, their perception rules their thoughts and actions on that subject.

For the more aggressive network marketer, he may seek to meet as many people as he can in high footfall locations like malls and shopping centres and parks. The more people you meet, the more prospects you have, the more plans you can show, the more people will sign up, the more sales you can make, the more money you earn. Speed of success is almost directly proportional to the number of people you manage to meet. Although you might scare away a few people in the beginning, in due course of time you will learn how to deal with different kinds of people.

Apart for prospecting you would also be sharing by word of mouth, the benefits of your products whenever a good opportunity presents itself. Without retail sales you won’t get very far in network marketing. Make sure you are not too pushy or desperate and don’t mention it if the situation is inappropriate. You don’t want to be someone people run away from the minute they see you a mile away.

The last major activity you would be doing is attending seminars and motivational workshops. No matter what your upline may tell you, they cannot make it mandatory for you to attend. Having said that, I’ve personally been to a few of these seminars and have found them quite inspiring. You should give it a try sometime.

Although these are the major tasks, you can actually use your imagination to create new innovative ways to get the job done. Many network marketers use the internet to meet new people and website to retail products. The activities you perform to succeed are in the end up to you.

Some questions you should ask your upline before joining:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No matter how rosy the picture looks to you please do not get into a network marketing group without first doing your research. Below are a few questions you might consider asking your upline before you join:

· What are the tasks I need to perform on a daily basis?

· What are the products I can sell?

· Is any money made when I sign someone up?

· How can I purchase my products?

· Is there a money back guarantee on the products?

· How old is the company?

· Are there any reputed journals that have mentioned the company and its practises?

· How many countries does the company operate in?

· What are the sources of income for me over the years(like retail, motivational speaking, bonuses etc)?

· What is your uplines background?

· Can you be introduced to highly successful people in the business?

· Is the company regulated or endorsed by any regulatory authority?

Although these are some of the important questions be sure to ask for any more clarifications you need irrespective of how confident or aggressive the upline is.

To wrap, up if you ask me, I feel network marketing is a great business model if you get into a legitimate one with good uplines.

And I’m not the only one saying this. Robert Kiyosaki (the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series) recommends network marketing and has even written a book “The business school for people who like helping people” explaining why it’s a great idea. When Donald Trump was asked recently what he would do if he had to do it all over again, his matter-of-fact, one-line reply was: "I would get into network marketing”. Now those are two people worth listening to.

If you've made up you're mind about getting into the network marketing business or what to get more indepth information on what it takes you can also have a look at the IBO Field Guide.

If your intersted in checking out other business ideas, you might want to follow the link below on Business Ideas - How to make money online and offline.


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