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Network Marketing

Updated on June 7, 2011

Network Marketing

THere is a new site out there that I want to talk about. IN fact I signed up with them a few years back and something got in the way and I had to abandon them too. Now I look back and everything I abandoned and can't believe it and keep thinking about how maybe I would have more money if I had stayed with them and not let other things get in the way. That often happens to alot of people. But if you want to succeed online abandoning it is not an option unless you have a really good reason such as you make money with them and they don't pay you.

First I want to say this company I'm telling you about is not your old style, old school marketing where you must harass you friends and family members to buy stuff until they stop having anything to do with you. Of course people buying stuff is an integral part of any business as I outlined in an earlier post. JUst as in a brick and mortar store items must be sold to make money. This is the american way, it's the worldwide way. The world goes around by having people buy things from the town stores to online retailers to hospitals and car dealerships. Some operate a little differently such as doctors and hospitals. Nonetheless, they are all selling something but in terms of health you really don't have the option of saying no.

It's important to market effectively. You must be able to not only get people to sign up but to get active, stay active and sell stuff otherwise your business will fall flat in a minute. It's very easy for people to get discouraged. I know how easy it has been for me. When a person doesn't see any money come in quickly(such as a few weeks or a month) they assume it's just a scam like all the other scams out there. Most of the businesses labeled scams are really not scams at all but the people participating in them simply do not know how to market them effectively, they can't get people to sign up and get active or the product may be something that people do not want or can find cheaper someplace else. In that case it's very difficult for them to do anything with their business and they give up and label it a scam especially if they have read articles and messages online labeling a company a scam. Unfortunately, there are many people out there that will put the ugly label of scammer on a company because they made no money with them and in their anger wish to tarnish their reputation and these words can hurt some businesses. But you must decide for yourself, not whether a business is a scam, whether it's the right business for you because it simply may not be the right business for you.
And to be clear what a scam is: It's when you actually make money with a company and they refuse to pay you. That's a scam. If they make ludricous claims of income that isn't necessarily a scam but it is unethical and that most definitely makes people shy away from them especially in todays society when people are trying alot harder to hold on to the money they have.

Back to the actual company I'm telling you about. First it's free to sign up, never sign up for a company where you must pay for it's services to make money. There are far too many companies and businesses you can sign up for and make money and sign up for free to ever pay anyone. The marketing principles are all the same no matter what company you sign up and decide to market. Besides being free this company offers many, many valuable articles to help you get started and these same articles can help you market any other company, business you may be trying to promote.
In fact, there are so many articles that you can't read them in a day, not even a week. Then many of them you need to read a second and a third time for the information to sink in. You must do this with any marketers website. It's nice to have so many good articles in one place to help you jumpstart your business rather than searching around the internet for good resources to help you.

There are other perks with this company too. My favorite being they make it fun and second many articles to help me.

The company I'm referring to is SFI which stands for Strong Future International. They used to be called Six Figure Income. Back when they were six figure income I was with them for awhile but I never did anything with my business. In fact I didn't even try really like most people and ended up forgetting about it. I signed up with them way back when they first started out and I was new to the internet. I was too overwhelmed at the time with all the marketing strategies, etc. to keep up and let them go quickly to learn about the internet. Later, after a few years I signed up with them again but let them go rather quickly again without giving them a chance. At the time I was caring for my sick mother and didn't ahve alot of time and didn't want to ahve something I had to devote to every day.
Then recently I saw an advertisement for them again and decided to sign up. This time I decided to go through their training course and do as many of the things they recommend as I can. This time I don't have my sick mother to take care of, I don't have quite as many obligations as before and have decided to devote at least an hour or two every day except Sunday. It's like exericising or eating right you must do what the Doctor says every single day without fail to actually accomplish anything and see results. The only way you;re going to see results is to follow a set schedule every day and stick to it. Believe me I know how hard this can be. I have a hard time with schedules, doing things at set times. It is for alot of people. But think of it this way. You decide when you want to devote time to your business and you do it then, you decide how much time, you decide where. It can be anywhere there is internet access. Personally I like libraries provided they give me at least an hour or two online. Sometimes I do it at home but I've realized I have much fewer distractions at a library than at home and this works for me.

You may want to market more than one business. That's fine. If you've been online for awhile it's certainly doable. If you haven't been you may want to take it a little slow until you learn the ropes. This won't take long. It only took me a few months to master the internet and when I say master, I mean within the first few months of being online I had already learned to create my own website from scratch using HTML, I had learned most if the basics of marketing that website on classified ad sites which I really didn't care for, submitting to search engines, privacy, security and much more.

It is recommend by most top marketers to market more than one business so if you lose one you still have a couple more to fall back on and don't have to start from scratch.

I work with SFI, I'm involved with a couple of survey sites, I'm still trying to figure out which ones I want to stay with and which ones to drop, I do a little mystery shopping on the side. But overall I prefer the marketing aspect of the online businesses to anything offline as it provided me with what I'm looking for. I can do it when I want and where and I don't have the expense of driving somewhere to get paid even though it's flexible.
Like most people today I'm looking to save money anywhere I can and right now that doesn't include more gas charges especially since I like to travel as it is. It's not too far now but my hobby is photography and everyone needs an outlet and for people that spend alot of time online an outlet is a must. It is am ust for anyone really. That's why I don't recommend working on Sunday even if it's only checking your website. It can wait until Monday.
The company is SFI and there is a banner at the top. I used a banner as opposed to a text link because blogger doesn't accept text links and this without a doubt my favorite blog service, just the ease of handling, etc. This is another good marketing tool, a blog. You must have good content though. My other blog features haunted and abandoned places with pictures of those places. I get a fair amount of traffic from that but don't try to market it at all so I think it's pretty good considering. If you like to write you can also try hubpages although there is no personal posting allowed but if you're using it for business purposes and to market your business you don't want to post anything personal because no one is interested in it. There are other writing sites you can use as well. JUst google it and you'll find a number of them. Using social networking sites such as facebook and myspace and others can be a great way to get traffic too. Combine that with online classifieds, search engine submissions and the many other ways of marketing it offline and you should see an increase in traffic and signups but it takes time. If you don't see much in month give it another month then another and another and another. Statistics say it takes an average for any business to get off the ground a year. So to be fair you should give it a year at least, if after a year you aren't making any money then you might want to consider giving it a little more time which is entirely up to you. If you're still not making any money you may just want to give up on it. But don't give up on making money online entirely. You may want to choose another business to market and see how that goes. You should be marketing at least three different businesses in that year so you have some idea of just how well you're doing. One business may do better than another. And they should be three distinctly different products or services. But don't spread yourself to thin this will only hinder all of your hard work.
MOst importantly remain positive no matter how hard it gets and don't let others tell you you can't do it.


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