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Business Management: Men vs Women

Updated on March 15, 2015

The Differences

Business management is a very unique thing which requires a huge criteria of factors in order to be successful. There is science behind the differences between men and women and it proves that neither is superior but each has their own specific ways of functioning.

Men's brains tend to be aggressive and approach key areas full on and when they deem aspects unnecessary, they will just 'switch off'. For instance, in meetings, men's brains typically tend to zone out and go into rest mode as their brains will judge the situation as unimportant. A way to see this happening is to take note during meetings, men fidgeting and doing things to keep themselves switched on.

This doesn't mean they are not listening, it just means the programming inside their head is telling them that right now is the time to rest and then later we can go on the attack!

Women on the other hand are not programmed to aggressively attack a task. They will split their mind so that they can multi task amongst a vast amount of jobs. They do this as their brain tells them that the rational way to solve the issue is to do it all at once. For instance, the same situation as before, a meeting- women wont zone out but rather they will multi task into all the areas they seem important. This can sometimes be seen by others a useless talk as the conversations seem to have no directive.

Women tend to be able to cover many areas at once which isn't a bad thing as it keeps all the topics fresh and often will be connecting all the dots to create the larger image.


Networking is naturally a key aspect to business. There's no right or wrong way to networking as it doesn't matter how you do it, just as long as you're making relationships.

Men network in a very hierarchical method. They tend to want to gain themselves the best position possible so that he then has more to offer in a network, which in a result will gain him a better network of people. They tend to choose networks based on what they can gain and the hierarchy of people in the network.

Gaining facts is an important aspect for male networks. They want their networks to simply give them the facts they need and then make decisions on how they want to use them.

Female networks are built with a trust and support mind frame. They don't want to develop networks purely for business, but rather want to create a ring of people they can trust and gain support from.

Women want their networks to bring emotion into what they're saying. Collaboration is hugely important as by collaborating a broader decision and outcome can be made.


The Perceptions

It's so easy to just come to conclusions about both men and women. These perceptions are usually based on their methods of operations.

Women are often perceived to spend too much time on unnecessary information. But as stated before, they tend to multi task in order to draw the a large picture of the situation, and then connect all the dots.

Men on the other hand are seen to not care about issues as they will focus on the immediate task and not worry about any other issues until they present themselves. This is seen as reckless, but the reasoning is that men's brains will give 100% to the immediate tasks as it is programmed to deal with direct issues.

Neither gender's method is wrong, in fact when combined they create the ultimate force in dealing with problems as they both work to fill in the gaps with each other.


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