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Business Ideas 3

Updated on July 18, 2009

Doggy Day care

I must admit this is a strange one, but I cant say I have seen one in the community where we live.

If you have a big enough garden at your home, this is much the same concept as a childcare facility, however it may be wise to check with your neighbours first reagrding noise factors.

Being a pet owner (a jack russell and a cocker spaniel), we are often the last ones to find a suitablle palce to house our pets when we travel annually with family as family are the usual to have our pets entrusted to when we travel.

There is fortunately one dog behaviourist whom we have had the pleasure of working with and our pets usually book in at her doggy motel for the weekend.Recently we took 2 weeks away during our midyear travel and were disappointed to find that due to the school holidays, there was only enough space for 13 dogs. We are not ones to leave our much beloved companions at a shelter for a few weeks as any animal lover will tell you.

So folks I must ask if you think any dogg loving person in your neighbourhood would part with a few measily dollars a day to have you look after their pet when they have a dinner party, function, travel for business or any number of reasons.

You could have kennels for overnight stays which are easy enough to build from timber or bricks in your yard.Games are easy enough to think of for pets.Check out some sites for pet games and you should be on your way to your new business.

Most families have special toy or eating habits for their pets and are happy to provide these for their pets stay.

On quiet days it is easy to carry out regular walks for owners who work late or are just looking for a change of scenery for their pet.


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