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Working Part Time With No Health Insurance

Updated on July 28, 2017

No Health Benefits

Working Part Time With No Health Insurance

My parents and grandparents always said," you live long enough, you will see just about anything." This holds true for my title above. One of the things that corporations and small businesses complained about, was not supporting the minimum wage being raised to where it makes sense and it is treating the American worker fairly at best.

Now, what I'm starting to see in corporate America, is a scary trend. I see, that companies and corporations alike are starting to hire more part time workers, giving them full time hours, yet they are not providing them with health benefits.

Granted, if they do provide health benefits, its normally so extremely expensive the part time worker can't afford it. Yet, I'm really trying my best to wrap my brain around the logic pertaining to this trend now.

I know I am going to get these remarks that corporations eat the bulk of the expenses pertaining to providing health care to their employees. Yet, it is your business, your business would not be thriving if it wasn't for your workforce.

You want to own a business or corporation in this country, that's the price you have to pay to provide your workers with healthcare benefits or coverage. This makes the second hub that I have written pertaining to healthcare or the lack of it.

Corporations rake in millions, even billions of dollars each year, yet top executives make millions, yet these corporations cannot provide healthcare to their employees, I don't get it, and I probably never will, cause it is really all about greed and excuses.

Ultimately, while American struggles with healthcare a lot of other countries are not having the problems this country is having, so the logic is give a worker a part time status with no benefits, or limited benefits that are very expensive, I'm shaking my head in utter disbelief, because there is not any logic or compassion for the working class.

This is the new form of slavery in America. Corporations hire workers part time, pay them low wages and either provide those workers with expensive benefits that they will have to pay or they provide no healthcare benefits at all, that's very appalling to me.

Nobody is winning in this mess, think about it. The corporations that hire workers, will not be able to keep them. When you pay low wages and do not offer healthcare benefits to your employees, he or she will leave that corporation.

I challenge you, go to any corporation here in America, that fits this criteria, and gauge their turnover, and small businesses are not immune, it is happening to them as well.

The corporations who are responsible for doing this to the American worker in this country, I hope one day will wake up and take responsible for the American worker.

Then, maybe they wont, and this form of slavery will continue to perpetuate, due to the lack of compassion as I stated earlier in this hub and greed.


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