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A Public Service Awareness Announcement; An Open Letter to Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

Updated on July 10, 2011

Dear Sir,

In the wake of the recent rash of unfair media, I think it would be a great idea for you to present a Public Service Awareness Announcement to explain the proper way for the public to respond when a SWAT team comes a calling. It could go something like this;

[cut to you, behind a nice desk, with the American and Arizona flags displayed behind.]

Hello friends, I’m Clarence Dupnik , Sheriff of Pima County

I am here today to help you understand how to prepare for a visit by the SWAT team.

It is really quite easy if you just keep one thing in mind;

‘Do not do anything that can be perceived as a threat’. It’s just that simple.

OK? Got it? Good. Now these are the things you should do;

#1 - Do not have firearms accessible. This is a big no-no. Our SWAT are trained to fire if they see a gun.

You don’t want to end up like that Jose Guerena fellow. [cut to Jose Guerena shooting video]

Do not own anything that even might look like a gun, such as toys or brooms, because they could be perceived as a threat.

Now, it’s OK to own guns of course, just keep them buried away.

Don’t worry, Swat will dig them out latter and use your legal guns as evidence against you.

#2 – Don’t own a dog. Dogs will be perceived as a threat and SWAT will shoot them.

It’s not that SWAT doesn’t like dogs, they just shoot them.

Any other animal deemed a threat will also be shot.

#3 – Don’t answer the door, ever. SWAT could be out there, unannounced.

Going to the door could be perceived as a threat; also the sound of you moving could sound a lot like someone destroying evidence to the SWAT team.

So, just sit back and relax. Swat is going to come in anyway.

#4 – Do not move. This is very important. Movement could be perceived as a threat. Practice not moving at home, that way when the SWAT tosses a flash grenade, shoots your dog, throws your wife to the ground and puts a boot on her head, you will be ready to not move a muscle.

OK now, everybody, lets repeat, just 4 simple things;

[you hold up 4 fingers and tick them off.]

No guns around.

No Dogs.

Don’t answer the door

No movement of any kind.

If you just keep these simple rules in mind, I am sure your visit with SWAT will be a most pleasant one.

Oh, by the way, you military people should be especially cautious, because your very existence could be perceived as a threat.

Well that’s it folks, y’all take care now.

Thank you and have a nice day.

[camera spans off you, thru a window, and zooms, to show SWAT vehicle in parking lot.]

What do you think, Sheriff?

A comment on Comments;

For further information on the Jose Guerena atrocity please check out;

I am not a very good moderator. I space out into the ether for long periods. This Hub;

started by my friend Ghost 32, has been following the Guerena atrocity from the beginning and is still an active hub, I highly recommend it.

I am primarily interested in the ways and means in which to change the rules to stop the abuses of the [anti]Patriot Acts. Links to good websites with pertinent information or information about good candidates willing to take a stand, will be greatly appreciated. That all being said, if you care to comment, please write whatever you want.


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    • Elenin profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from So Cal

      Thanks for reading and commenting Angela. This was a heat of the moment Hub. I had just realized how militarized our United States had become; some of the stories are truly horrific – unbelievable for the land of the free. There are 70,000+ Swat breaches a year in our country. Financed and armed greatly by Homeland Security, Swat teams are truly a growth industry in our nation. Given impunity by the Patriot Acts there is little reason for constraint by these Teams other than the occasional political outrage at their actions. Check out instances of Swat team abuse around where you live, you might be as surprised as I was. Thanks for the follow, welcome to the Pages.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 

      6 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Wow Don't answer the door or own a dog. Very informative. Who would have thought this was so crazy!

    • Elenin profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from So Cal

      Thank you Brother, that word, brother means so much.

      I wish I could claim to stand against the tyranny, wish I could claim integrity as I know the word.

      Part of me is scared. Part of me screams to get out of here. Now

      Part of me says I am being irresponsible in doing these hubs and putting my family at risk.

      [hard to get by that one]

      When I first studied the shooting of Jose Guerena it seemed everyone had an agenda that they wanted to shove this atrocity into. Far left to far right and all in-betweens. I refused to accept anyone’s kneejerk reaction. I wanted to look at this case and this case alone and come to my own conclusions. Eventually, after reviewing the available material, this video helped connect the dots for me;

      It begins with an old tv set replaying Nixons declaration of the war on drugs and that got me to thinking;

      Although he was clean as a whistle Jose Guerena is a causality of the war on drugs, specifically marijuana

      If MJ is legal then no search warrant, no warrant no SWAT team, no SWAT team no needless death in Pima County on May 5

      Because of the way the [anti]Patriot Acts are set up, it is going to be mighty difficult to dissolve them en mass. No president will dare do it and take the chance that something should happen on their watch.

      Small, slow changes can be made, but innocent people could be killed or wounded in the meantime.

      I concluded that the best way to protect the American citizenry on many different levels is to legalize MJ

      So I went and talked to some vocal activists for marijuana reform in Cali.

      When asked about Jose Guerena they knew nothing. When told about Jose Guerena they often had stories of SWAT or SWAT type raids on themselves, some multiple times.

      I will not place my family and myself in a position where a Jose Guerena type raid is almost inevitable. No hero here.

      Still, I search and hope and

      No. I thank you. You, who have been thru the fire. I Thank You for your service to this country Mickey.

      May God Bless

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      God bless brother. Thank you for standing against the tyranny. I see so many paper patriots. The drums of war always beat.

      I've seen good cops. But for how long will they be good? If they condone actions like these without speaking up they're the same. I've seen bad cops. Bad cops should have a really good sentence when they abandon compassion for human life.

      I think the evidence is pretty clear. But- I have see other crimes by the law enforcement. I've been victim. People think they live in the land of the free when America is the most imprisoned country in the world. It didn't just start. This country has been in the hands of the elite since 1776. After fighting in the Revolutionary War - white men/soldiers could not vote. After the Revolutionary War and Uncle Thom Jefferson's pretty words of freedom while screwing his slaves, black people were chained. After our great "freeing" Revolution - women could not vote. Lincoln freed the slaves. The fraudulent election of 1878 reversed reconstruction and the South rid itself of federal troops and any watchful eye as they RE-imprisoned and RE-enslaved the slaves - many times - worse than pre-Civil War slaves. Blacks were picked up off the streets and charged with bogus crimes and bogus debts that could never be paid off. Many died as they were chained together. They ate, slept, peed, pooped, and died together. About a hundred years later MLK has a good run at decency before he too is killed. And the average America is an average idiot. Many choose to be idiots. They immerse themselves in distractions this country readily provides. They "immerse" for just a little peace. Meanwhile the world burns. Thank you for your integrity. God bless.

    • Elenin profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from So Cal

      Much thanks Mickey D, I know what you mean about the evidence room being full already.

      I just watched the 911 Coincidence? videos 1 thru19, pretty much straight through. Great job on that hub.

      Looking into the Jose Guerena atrocity, I was puzzled that the Sheriff’s Swat team did not seem to care about the legality of their actions, that Clarence Dupnik the Sheriff of Pima County acted surprised that there was any question at all about the atrocity his men inflicted.

      I see now that draconian ‘acts’ passed when this country was reeling from the 911 attacks have led ultimately to the death of Jose Guerena and the exoneration of ALL his shooters [meaning; the detectives who submitted false information on the search warrant, the judge who signed such a bogus warrant, the bungling, unprofessional SWAT team that cost a man his life and the Sheriff who oversees it all].

      It will happen again unless the –anti-Patriot Acts are replaced with laws governed by the Constitution. American, Constitutional law again for the American people.

      Until proven otherwise, I am stating that these ‘acts’ can be removed and sanity returned to our domestic police forces. I hope to God I am correct.

      Thanks again Mick.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      America is is in the hands of bullies. Like all governments today - America is under evil. We'll see more and more evidence. The evidence room is full already. You'll know them by their fruits. Great write!

    • Elenin profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from So Cal

      Thankee '50' just trying to make lite of a sad situation.

      Ghost- practical, you nailed it, that is what A Public Service Awareness Announcement is all about.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very practical list, Elenin. Definitely no dogs.

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      Dear Swat, have your burial premiums up to date. I'm not Rambo, so yes you will win by shear numbers, but just know, send your first two of little value through the door, old Bess ain't got but 2 shots but is well aware of the femoral artery and where to give you reason for unreasonable deadly force. John Q. Marine


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