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New Marketing Methods For 2016

Updated on October 19, 2015

Co-Creative Marketing

Online marketing popularity over the years has increased considerably with more businesses adopting it. However, there are some online marketing methods that are no longer attractive to consumers. An example is the popular pop-up adverts that have the online community complaining. This calls for better marketing tactics that may provide additional success for businesses.

The newest online marketing strategy is the co-creative marketing strategy. Previously, marketing was only used as an awareness tool telling the consumer about products that your business is providing. However, marketing has evolved to encompass the creation of a relationship with the consumers and potential consumers. Co-creative marketing was developed as a method to provide consumers with an additional feeling of control that is proven to boost their loyalty.

Add something different to your marketing strategy
Add something different to your marketing strategy

What Is Co-Creative Marketing?

The best definition of co-creative marketing is the inclusion of consumers in online marketing to provide them with a sense of control and contribution in the business boosting loyalty. There are different methods that you can apply co-creative marketing in your business. The most common type is viral marketing. Viral marketing involves the creation of content for the business that is then shared by consumers to each other. This can be achieved either through social media or forums. An example is the creation of a funny video that highlights a product. This will be shared by those who see the video to others creating additional value since the consumers share in the process of marketing. Viral marketing is an effective method that can be used by medium and small companies.

Another form of co-creative marketing is vigilante marketing. As the name suggests, this is the marketing of a company's products or services by someone who is not part of the company.Normally loyalists are requested to share their positive experiences with the best getting a prize. This is the basis of referrals in online retail businesses. An example is if your business deals in the pizza you can offer a discount to loyal customers when they bring someone new into the business by sharing their experiences. The bulk of the advertising is on the loyal consumers giving your business an additional benefit.

Social media is essential
Social media is essential

You Need Social Media

It is important to highlight that co-creative marketing is heavily reliant on social media marketing. The messages are normally shared through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and You-Tube. The advantages of the concept are that it is the form of communication that has replaced the word of mouth marketing. Potential consumers are more willing to think that a product is good when the information is received from other consumers. This provides a positive review of the marketing process.

All marketing methods have some pitfalls. The first is the lack of control in the distribution process. You cannot recall a marketing campaign that uses co-creative marketing because the consumers are not members of the organization. Therefore, it is paramount for you to ensure that the message that you are sharing is precisely the correct message for your business when using viral marketing.

Despite the lack of control in the distribution of the message, the benefits outweigh the detriments when used properly. An example is Coca-cola that allows consumers to create and share their experiences leading to a boost in the sales. While large corporations have largely used co-creative marketing, small businesses can use miniature forms like viral and vigilante marketing to boost sales.


One thing you must remember with this method of marketing, is that it is still a relatively new concept and as such, there are pitfalls as much are there are opportunities. Get creative and be innovative with your efforts. Sometimes you need to think outside the box to get the results your looking for. You can set the trends, don't always follow them, with Co- creative marketing you can do just that. Think about things differently, try things that haven't been done or used on a large scale, but could potentially yield huge results. There will be more to come including new methods and updates on previous ones. Remember though, take what you learn and do something with it, don't just be the one watching the game, be the one to actually play it and take action now!


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