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New Marketing Techique: Market with Little Paperback Books

Updated on November 10, 2013

Little Marketing Books


New Marketing Technique

So you are an affiliate for many online services and do not have the budget to promote your affiliate links. To top it off, you do not have a list or a website, yet you want your links to get out in the marketplace so you can start earning commissions.

There is a new marketing technique that will not only solve your problem, but you will be paid through the technique instead of having to pay when your links are promoted. The technique is extremely simple.

Basically, you gather your links into some kind of logical order for which you can create a working system and write a short book that details the system you have put together (implementing the system will include the reader utilizing the products or services you are an affiliate for.) Publish the book free of charge and put it in the Amazon marketplace. You will be paid when someone purchases the book that includes your links and also be paid when the reader uses the links.

Examples of the Technique

I was an affiliate for a web hosting company, a product-with-resale-rights site, a squeeze-page-creator site, an auto-responder site and a few others. I took my links and put them in the logical order that someone would use the links to begin an online marketing business. I wrote a 25 page book about how to create a successful online marketing business using the service resources I recommended and included my links.

As another example, I was an affiliate for an online casino. Promoting gambling is prohibited in most cases and I was at a loss of how to promote the casino. What I did is come up with a system for playing and winning at Baccarat. I wrote a book about the betting system, promoting the casino at the same time and am marketing the book also in the Amazon marketplace.

This type of book is typically the type of book that would be written for PDF format. I wrote the book using Microsoft Word and converted it to PDF. Then I used createspace, a free online book publishing platform, to publish the book in paperback (and kindle) formats. Now my book appears in the Amazon marketplace and I am paid royalties when someone purchases the book of my links, as well as being paid when the reader uses the links I included in the book.

Use Technique for Just One or Many Affiliate Links

If you can write at least a 24 page book on a subject that leads to the use of just one of your affiliate links, by all means do so. However, in many cases you will find that the products and services that you want to promote via several affiliate links are related in some way. Find the relationship and write your book.

Of course, in a paperback you will not be able to include clickable links, so you will have to spell out your links (for example: "" ). In other words, do not include extremely long, difficult to transcribe affiliate links. Use a service like to shorten your links and make them easy for the reader to type into the address bar of his browser.

A Few Pointers

When you are writing your book in your word processor (like Microsoft Word), choose a page size that is a little smaller than 6" x 9". Since createspace will publish the book with a size of 6" x 9", you will want your pages to fit, allowing for margins.

Microsoft Word has an option to save your work in PDF format. Only save it in PDF format after you have completed and proofed your book. The PDF format of your book will be the final, ready for print copy of your work.

Be sure to include page numbers at the top of bottom of your pages. Createspace does not automatically number your pages.

Make your book at least 24 pages long. Use pictures or diagrams for filler if you need to. Createspace will not publish a book that is less than 24-25 pages long.


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    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Impressive hub on Marketing Technique. Voted up.