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New Realtors, To Make Commissions, You Talk To Prospects

Updated on July 18, 2012

Where to start?

New Realtors, if they didn't make this clear in sales training class, let me make it clear now. You either need to make your phone ring with a prospect on the other end or you need to learn how call a prospect.

You decide. I would rather answer the phone with a prospect on the other end than dial the phone . If your phone is not ringing, you better start dialing if you want to make money in real estate sales. It is one hundred per cent commission.

This seems simple to me. What can we do to make the phone ring? Are you blogging? Do you have a blog? Do you write articles here on Hubpages or Ezine or Active Rain? If not,why not? Why do you think I am writing this article? For fun? Guess again. Blogging and writing articles makes your phone ring. Blogging and writing articles makes you an expert in the eyes of your readers.

You don't have time

You don't have time. If you are listing less than a house per week, what are you doing with your time? Get out of bed at 5 AM and write an article every day and post it somewhere. What can you write about ? Write about your town. Write about your neighborhood. Write about that new Bar B Q joint that opened last month. Write about getting your house ready for the market. Tell us what sold in our neighborhood last month. Tell us how to protect our selves from scammers while our house is being foreclosed. Tell us about USDA financing with no money down. Tell us why our house that is listed in the MLS with Notsohot Realty has not been shown. Tell us anything you know that we might want to know. Tell us how to negotiate better. Tell us why we need a loxbox. Tell us why it is a really bad idea to do malicious damage to our house when it is being foreclosed. Write articles or dial the phone.

Google "good Realtor in your town" . Does your name come up? Keep writing until it does. Who does come up when you Google "good Realtor in your town"? Figure out why. Do what they do and do more of it. Google yourself. Put your name into Google. Do you come up or does an ax murderer from Kansas show up? If you are selling real estate to earn money, you must be number one when your name is searched on Google. This is minimum performance. Google yourself. If you don't come up, keep writing until you do show up first.

Are you networking? Have you sent out a Ijustgotintorealestate letter to your two hundred closest friends. Why not dial their number just for practice and tell them it has been too long since we talked. Ask them if they know any one that wants to buy a house in the biggest buyer's market since FDR was in office with interest rates so low that the money is almost free. How painless is that?

You can make the phone ring by spending money advertising. I rarely suggest spending money to new Realtors. Spend time.

Do you work on Saturdays? Who works on Saturday? People that need money work on Saturday. If you don't need money, skip this paragraph. If your income is less than you want it to be, work on Saturday. What can you do on Saturday? You could hold an "open house". You are more likely to find a prospect at an open house than you are at the beach.

If you called whoever has been assigned floor duty on Saturday and offered to take over for them, they will say yes. I am sure. Your company probably doesn't have floor duty. That is so eighties. That's OK. Go into the office on Saturday. Someone might walk into the office and want to buy or sale a house.

What would you do all day in an empty real estate office on Saturday with no one else there? It could get spooky. You could dial the phone. You could call today's expired listings. I will bet, if you live in a town of less than one million people, you will be the only Realtor calling these people. Here is a hot tip I should save for a later article. If you ever decide you want to learn to call expired listings as a prospecting tool, start on a Saturday. You will have no competition.

Here is our plan.Make the phone ring or dial the phone. Set some goals for how many prospects per day you want to talk to. If the prospects don't call you, call them.

You must talk to prospects or you won't make any money.


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    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      Excellent hub. Very good advice for all salespeople and not just in Real Estate. Your suggestions would be a great help to many new people just getting into sales and seasoned pros as well. Sometimes even experienced salespeople can get.....lazy. Well done.