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New Top Level Domains Now Offered by eUKhost

Updated on January 7, 2014

Now I myself own one domain name at Now I bought it cheap and I am hoping to flip it. I actually was contemplating several months ago about getting into the business of flipping domain names. However, this whole thing turned out tougher than I thought so I just stuck to blogging. I am not that tech savvy myself and really have no idea about all the internet tricks that you have to do to make money with domains. I know some people actually make a living with this, so you never know maybe one day I will learn.

The fact that more domains are being offered can have something to do with the fact that most good .com and .org domains are already taken. I guess people want to register more common domain names, but have run out of space on the web. Now I guess ICANN and eUKhost will allow for more web space to be created so businesses can thrive.

So eUKhost has announced that it will be participating in the roll out the ICANN's new top level domains. People can now register domains like .shop, .tech, .blog. This is really cool. What a nice original idea. Now when I open a new webpage I can immediately know what type of business or idea is behind it without having to browse through all the pages. I guess for someone who has little time on their hands this is precious! Also, if you happen to be slow or lazy, this is a great idea as well. Maybe you just hate reading or never learned how. What about those who do now speak English? Well, you get then point.


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