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New Ways of Doing Business? Are We Being Offered Solutions or Illusions?

Updated on January 2, 2016

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Greed is a stimulating factor in most get rich schemes.
Greed is a stimulating factor in most get rich schemes.
Most of the individuals, who promote these unscrupulous business schemes, just want to take your money and run.
Most of the individuals, who promote these unscrupulous business schemes, just want to take your money and run.
Beware! Don't let this fantasy leave you penniless.
Beware! Don't let this fantasy leave you penniless.

There is that old, but wise saying that says; if it’s too good to be true it probably is. Yet, in these most uncertain of times, we are bombarded by mail business offers, the TV has a constant display of infomercials, offering wealth and prosperity beyond our wildest dreams. Let us not forget, multi level business schemes that are also constantly being offered to us by our own friends, and acquaintances trying desperately to make ends meet. If you still don’t feel cheered up yet by all these wonderful prospects; there are those wonderful campaign promises that we are now paying for and our great, great, grand children will be paying for in the name of stimulus packages.

The question we need to ask ourselves, is are we truly being offered real concrete solutions or are we being hyped up by a bunch of pie in the sky illusions? Pardon the cliché. Let us examine each of these prospects and see where the illusion lies, or if maybe they really are solutions.

I would like to start with campaign promises. Everyone has heard the phrase “Change you can believe in” In fact this promise was so powerful that the man that used the phrase is now our president. What does change you can believe in mean? The promise is kind of vague and the word "change" can be either good or bad. It would be nice if one of the candidates running for the office of presidency would make the following commitment “Solutions you can trust” and to have those solutions listed in plain English for everyone to understand. Since politics is not about solutions, I doubt if there will ever be a candidate that can promise real solutions and mean it.

The next area of illusions I would like to talk about is our mail box. How many times have we gotten offers in the mail, not even worth the paper it is written on, promising us we would make tons of money for only a few hours of work a week, and we could retire in no time. In order to get involved in one of these opportunities, you just have to send them a small investment fee for the start up kit, which is supposed to be your ticket to success.

Just a few weeks ago, my mother got such an offer in the mail from a company that claims to sell designer’s children’s clothes, sort of an outlet line from a "well known" designer. You only had to work a few hours a week leaving their circulars in a few well chosen venues. The sales would come pouring in, and you would make thousands of dollars in almost a month time. Of course, there was a small start up fee of ninety dollars. They claim that if you made this small investment it meant you were truly serious, and that way they would not waste time and money by sending promotional materials to the merely curious. Sounds familiar?

Most mail business opportunites pretty much use the same method to get poor opportunity seekers to pay that small fee in hope of making “easy money”. It makes you wonder why they would be mailing strangers an offer to work for them, when there are so many people in need of money, whom they could reach locally. If this type of business is so lucrative, why do they need your help? Why do they always ask for a small fee? Most genuine jobs only require that you show up and work. Most genuine job opportunities are interested in your work habits, and skill level, yet mail business opportunities only want you to send them money, and fast.

When in doubt: search the internet for information on the company making you the offer. Go to the Better Business Bureau Website. The BBB can give you information on the company almost instantly. You can also go to a website called Rip off, in which you can find others that can warn you about that particular company. So before you start dreaming of a new car, or a Caribbean cruise go online.

Since the eighties, we have all had friends or family members present us with some multi level business scheme they joined. They come to us because they are looking for a down line to sell products, and recruit others under them, but there is one big catch, in order to make any money, they would have to recruit half the population of China. Of course, they are marveled by the testimonials of one of the company’s mentors, who in a short period of time, went from being broke to owning that dream house, or sixty foot wind star.

I remember back in the nineties when someone convinced me to join Herbal Life. I remember having to buy a kit which had samples of their products and some forms for signing distributors under me.

I never forgot when my mother and I went to one of their rallies at a hotel, and from all the hype; you would think these people where on some pretty strong happy pill. I remember my mentor telling us that we should pose with one of the company’s spokespersons, who was also a successful recruiter for a photo shoot. The idea was that when we showed others this photo they would immediately associate us with this legend from the company and want to be mentored by us. I still have the photograph, and despite its promised magic, we still haven’t made a dime. In fact it has been a while since we have been involved with Herbal Life. I found the photograph the other day, boy did it make me laugh when I thought about how this photo came to be.

Unfortunately that’s not the only multi level marketing scheme I have been offered. I have been involved with several others, and much to my dismay; I still haven’t made any money. I guess a few individuals make their fortunes when the company first started, by recruiting many of their family members and friends, and convincing them about this new idea. These people are usually very good at networking, and have a lot of social contacts. Unfortunately, when that idea becomes popular enough, the number of available recruits tends to dry up. So, you’re either one of the first few, who market your way to their dream house or yacht, or your just another dreamer, who is stuck with yet another kit.

Then last but not least, the unkindest cut of all, the infomercial. You have probably seen them on TV either at the wee hours of the morning, or on a boring Saturday afternoon. These infomercials offer you wealth by getting involved in some real estate scheme, by buying and selling property using one of their secret methods, or investing in some crazy business that doesn’t make sense. Of course, they always have their testimonials, made by their company disciples, or paid comedians that claim that they were once broke and are now living a charmed life, thanks to following the program being offered to you now.

If this is true, why do they waste time trying to get us to send them such a small amount in comparison to what they could be making at that moment? Why waste time with infomercials, if you already figured out how to make a ton of money in almost no time at all, and for very little work? Sound familiar? Yes, this my friend is the TV version of the mail business offer. Get rich for no work at all and always, always a small fee.

Is it a solution or illusion? That is the question you must ask yourself when someone is trying to sell you a dream with no real or solid way of acquiring it. The truth is that those who have made fortunes, got there, because they have truly worked hard, and yes their timing was fortuitous. Proverbs: 13:11" Wealth from gambling quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows." There also Ecclesiastes 9:11 "I have seen something else under the sun The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all."

For your convenience I have included a few links to some helpful websites:

If you are offered a business proposition, that you are doubtful about, either by mail, or by some other means, here a very useful link.

If you need to check out the legitimacy of a business entity, this site could be your best friend.

Here is another link, when in doubt about a business proposition, or offer.


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    • Fathalla-startup profile image

      Mohamed Fathalla 

      2 years ago from Egypt

      that's great i invite all to visit my business website to guide everyone wants doing business in Egypt


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