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Newbie's, Don't Fall Prey to Scams and Scammers

Updated on January 1, 2012

Don't Act on Impulse

Don't act on impulse!!! Directly pointing the finger would be a sure way to get myself into trouble but I am getting sick at the amount of scams that are basically giving the network marketing industry a bad name. Just today I saw an opportunity on Facebook that is so obviously a scam that I had to go question the person that posted it. (I'm out to help the novice and that often means rocking the boat).

Basically what I found was a website offering the chance to join them in promoting their business. It's a printing service that at first reading is in its sixth year of trading. However, read a few more paragraphs and all of a sudden they are eleven. I chose not to point this out to the developer in the hope that future interested persons would possibly spot this error for themselves.

In addition to this, there was absolutely no reference to any products, just more and more spiel about joining them whilst they are apparently in ALPHA (?) mode, running up to BETA (?). After 6 or 11 years, come on!!!

Anyhow, after questioning about the lack of products, the developer chose to send me a link to his main website. The .com of the original intro page that I had already viewed explaining that this is where all the products will be displayed. Will be displayed??? Come on (again) this company is 6 to11 years old lol.

Statement - Net-workers pay top dollar for lists of email addresses associated with people looking for opportunities. Advice - Your email address is valuable, don't casually give it away. If in doubt, create a free Hotmail address (alias) to use instead.

Statement - Genuine opportunities will be prepared to answer questions prior to obtaining your details. Advice - Look to see what is offered freely information wise, see who will answer your questions and whether their claims can be backed up.

Statement - Video's and pictures of Clickbank and/or other payment systems showing huge deposits/sales are not in any way proof that a system or opportunity is a good one to join. Advice - Look at these as a kind of bluff or detour to avert you from looking fully at what is on offer. Do some research and if you still feel tempted use your alias Hotmail address.

Statement -Successful Marketers generally spend more time sharing valuable content than they do promoting their opportunity. Advice - Search for advisor's, helpful comments and recommendations. Follow and learn from them, find out what they recommend and research that.

Statement - Many opportunities are hidden behind email capture widgets/newsletters. Advice - use your alias to gain access and insight, feel free to subscribe once you have acquired the information or if you no longer wish to receive correspondence from.

These are just a few tips in order to help prevent you from getting caught up in something that isn't going to work. Regrettably networking online is as cut throat a business as any with the added disadvantage that the con-men can and do hide behind false identities. The ultimate advice that I can offer is that you just don't act on impulse.

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