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News of the latest fish kills in Central Viet nam

Updated on May 1, 2016

Many experts dismiss the cause red tides do dead fish in the waters of Central

About 20 h Max on March 4, after a long time waiting eagerly by many reporters and people of the whole country, The TN & MT held meetings just within 10 minutes, published about 2 group, a major cause of mass death of fish in the waters of the region for nearly a month.

According to the Ministry of TN & MT, after established many missions to check, specialized agencies agreed to have two main causes prompting dead fish:

One is the chemical toxins due to the impact of humans on land and at sea.
The two are due to the impact of the phenomenon of algae bloom (red tide).
Mr. Vo Tuan – Deputy Minister of TN & MT said, up to the present moment, through checks and collect evidence, yet there is evidence to conclude about the relationship of Formosa and the plants with the problem of mass death of fish.

However, this announcement of the TN & MT is not the media and people in the country agree. The cause of fish death row series has yet to be concluded, all communications are becoming blind.

In particular, groups of causes "dead fish caused by the impact of the phenomenon of algae bloom (red tide)" many experts to refute.

What is red tide?

The red tide phenomenon known as "algae bloom", known as the outbreak marine algae bloom. This phenomenon can cause sea water have red or green on both a large, visible to the naked eye, however, when the level of algae accumulate not too dense, it will not alter the color of sea water.

The phenomenon of "algae bloom" with the reduced oxygen concentrations in the water quickly, and that was the cause, killing many of the marine species in the wild and in cultivation. Red tide often occurs near the coast.

There are many causes of a red tide as the sea pollution, the use of agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers, plant protection drugs, the impact of climate change, impacts caused by industrial waste.

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Experts dismiss the cause red tides do fish die-off in Sea region

Exchange with Vnexpress, a 40-year professional experience in fisheries research said: "there cannot be two causes at once, because then no toxins in algae and vice versa".

He said, if due to the impact of chemical toxins cause fish to die that is small fish, too, including plankton, i.e. the algae will also die, but "dead Algae do bloom."

He insisted the marine red fish with harmful triểu its not the bottom, if the algae bloom, the sea will have red or blue waters on both mainstream, when washed ashore will cause unpleasant stench, while the expression not in the area of the central coast.

Agree with comments above, Dr. Nguyen Huu dung worked in processing Association and Vietnam seafood exports to Vnexpress said, the algae bloom may not render the fish died suddenly, as immediate past without clear sign. This phenomenon often occurs near the coast rather than farther away than and will cause the fish to die rather than face the bottom floor to floor. "Make algae blooming throughout the country from the bottom up the biomass", dung said.

On the reason of chemical toxins from human sewage, dung suggested that clarification is what toxins rather than generic disclosure.

Exotic: plenty of fish swimming in the sea bottom floor near the coast of Thua Thien-Hue
The dead fish in Hue: sea water contaminated with heavy metals, vẩu fish also died on the shore
Exchange with VietNamNet, Dr. Nguyen Quang Qi-former head of the Research Institute of aquaculture 1 said that if the conclusion was due to red tide killed fish then can hardly explain why the fish died in the central coast in the past mainly to fish in the deep water.

Vietnam fisheries society: should remove the cause of mass death of fish by the red tide

Also in the opinion of the central Vietnam Fisheries Society send a Government Office and the ministries of finance, agriculture and rural development, resources-environment, the signs of the phenomenon of dead fish can't see past series related to algae bloom, because there is no typical signs like algae ended on the banks of the polluting algae blooms cause discoloration of dense water, dead fish bottom rather than its as dead due to algae.

Also according to the Vietnam Association of fisheries, through the actual track, there is no evidence noted the phenomenon of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, leading to the identification, the sea born toxins do dead fish at the bottom.

Fishing society that should eliminate the cause of mass death of fish by the red tide. According to the fishing Association, up to this point the cause of fish death due to the poison.

According to the news, the newspaper Vietnam fisheries also suggested relevant authorities make it clear: in the States (Ha Tinh, where dead fish first) how much waste due to exhaust the plants do to discharge has not treated? Inventory results 300 tons of chemicals are entered on the Formosa plant was used, the number of used then on what and when to use them there through the pipe to discharge waste into the sea? If the fish died due to poison, the poison that he is from the source of the waste discharge


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