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Making Money through Sales

Updated on July 8, 2013

A consistent sales process creates wealth!

There are three ways to earn a very good living: A profession, owning a business, or in sales. The first requires a substantial investment in terms of tuition and years. The second usually requires venture capital, often more than a novice can afford. The third can be started any time with an investment of passion, learning, and time.

All three paths require a person to sell themselves daily, so why not start in sales to begin with? The catch is - it's not easy. It's not natural behavior to persist in the face of rejection. It requires perpetual learning, the persistence of a gold miner, and the ability to keep moving toward a goal despite setbacks. So, if "work" is not a four-letter word to you, and you would seriously like to compete in a profession with unlimited potential, read on!

After seven years of marketing for private colleges, and six years of selling franchises online, I thought I knew how to sell. I presented well in front of groups and taught them about the product . I got down to business quickly, spent little time on small talk, and was the "expert" everyone went to for features and benefits. Something didn't seem right, though I made sales and experienced occasional peaks that made me think I was pretty good.

then I was hired by a professional sales manager with over 30 years experience. He immediately showed me Jeffrey Gitomer's Principles of Sales Greatness in The Little Red Book of Selling. I listened, learned, and began to apply the principles during my daily cold calls to decision makers.

Now, I feel like I've become a genuine salesperson. Sales yields are more predictable. So what changed? Mainly, I added two principles: 1. Sales requires relationship building. If I don't develop rapport with my customers, they may as well be surfing the web. 2. If I can't get in front of the real decision maker, nothing happens! . In this new economy, many employees who used to have signature authority don't any more. (They won't tell you this.) Find out who is actually signing off on deals.

Back to the Basics!

Then, start building relationships in a sincere, focused way. Many salespeople just work the numbers: calling hundreds of leads until finding a person willing, ready, and able to buy. That requires more luck than skill. A persistent person will eventually find a sale. Any system will work for a while. But, the principles in "The Little Red Book of Selling" create consistent sales.

So, if your sales numbers are not reaching your goals, read this book, and check out other sales training resources, such as Sandler Sales Institute. The best salespeople continually improve their selling techniques. Keep adding to your knowledge applying it daily, and you will reach the top levels! Great salespeople are always needed, so it will be worth your effort.


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