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See Niche Annihilation Method torn apart

Updated on April 20, 2010
Niche Annihilation Method by Rob Benwell
Niche Annihilation Method by Rob Benwell

What you gonna dislike about NAM

I'm really pissed off with the unexpected release of Niche Annihilation Method.

Rob Benwell is showing a real-life example of how his website ranks in three biggest search engines.

What pisses me off is that the niche in concern is the one I'm working in, and I would never tell about it in my ebook!

But Rob did. I feel sorry for that. I'm afraid lots of people would begin creating blogs in that very niche, and I don't want to deal with aggressive competitors. Especially with aggressive and knowledgeable competitors whom the Niche Annihilation Method is sure to make from some of most attentive readers of this ebook.

Oh well.. I'll stop worrying here, and tell you what cons the NAM has.

First, while its target readership is a beginner in Internet marketing, I'm afraid that is a misleading sales letter. A beginner will die reading about OTO's, email campaigns, WP commentators plugin exploit and other things which not all seasoned marketers know about. Niche Annihilation Method should have been aimed at teaching marketers from intermediate level and above.

Second, the 6 NAM's described certainly make sense – each on its own – but they all require profound knowledge and vast experience in SEO, copywriting, JV, etc. In fact each NAM would require a separate ebook to be studied before the reader can make the dots.

Third, there are too many links to Rob Benwell's websites. I mean, pages of bare links. They are not clickable in Foxit Reader I'm using instead of Acrobat (which is too resource-hungry and takes forever to load). But anyway, it looks like Rob decided to include the links to all his blogs and pages. So you can safely take about 10 pages out from the 49-page PDF ebook because they're unnecessary.

Fourth, I think the name for the ebook was chosen in a hurry. It's rather about big profits than about 'annihilation of niches'. The concept behind Niche Annihilation Method is VERY simple and I don't consider this name a good one. It's catchy, though.

That being said, however, I see very strong points in NAM which make cense to me. What Rob tells about extensive article submission is the FIRST time I hear from an experienced marketer. It's shocking – really shocking, because saves me tons of time, cutting down the overall time for each niche website promotion by 50% approximately (because now I see I was doing too much of unneeded work).

The trick with 10,000 one-way backlinks is awesome! But I warn all newbies to calm down. To make use of WP commentator's plugin, you need to learn SE operators and how to operate them. Otherwise the trick won't make sense to you and won't bring you any traffic. Rob Benwell himself doesn't mention this pitfall, and I'm thankful to him for this courtesy. There's too much of competition in online marketing going on to share the tricks like that with the public!

I can't prevent you from buying this ebook other way but tell you that it is not meant for online marketers with experience lower than intermediate.


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    • John Z profile image

      John Z 8 years ago from Midwest

      Thanks for this timely article (for me at least). i am a newbie and might have made the mistake of buying this book. I am overwhelmed enough as it is!

    • MaxReviews profile image

      MaxReviews 9 years ago from Torrance, CA

      Good review. I like your style! Great way to setup reviews on hubpages as well. =)

    • SecretAgents profile image

      SecretAgents 9 years ago from PROFITMART

      Hi Charlemont,

      Great Review and Honest as well....I like Rob Benwells stuff a lot but I understand where you're coming from in respect of NAM....a few less links and perhaps a little less technical detail and a pitch to the newbies would have made an excellent product just great!!

      Secret Agents