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Niche Marketing – Does It Have to be about Your Hobby or Passion?

Updated on May 6, 2011
I'm passionate about making soaps and wedding favors!
I'm passionate about making soaps and wedding favors! | Source

Focused web marketing that concentrates on a niche is an effective way to get past all of the competition for hot search topics. The crowd you attract may be smaller, but they will be more qualified leads that have more interest in the information, products or services being promoted. Niches are great because chances are, if you have a hobby you are passionate about, many others out there also share your interest.

Successful niche marketing is all about peoples' passions and hobbies. Most of the really successful niche marketers have taken the things they are most interested in and turned them into successful businesses. The biggest reason for their success is the continued energy and interest that comes along with working on things you love.

Labor of Love

Ok, "labor of love" may sound a bit cheesy, but putting the work into online marketing requires a ton of dedication and perseverance, which is no problem when you love the topic. When people choose e-books or other items they do not really have an interest in, it shows in a few ways. First, any articles they write about the product do not have the zest that comes from writing about something that gets you truly excited. Second, the amount of effort you will be able to put in over a long time period will be quite different for something you love, than it might be for a site that promotes vacuum cleaners (no offense intended it you are passionate about vacuum cleaners!)

You are In for the Long Haul

When first starting out with niche marketing, you must accept that this is a long road to making any real money. Long hours, put in continually and consistently wins the race with niche marketing, and dedication and passion are the two biggest assets a person can have in this case.

How Specific Should You Be?

A website presence can be established to make money writing about and promoting the very things that you love and have passion for. Define your niche very specifically-the more specific you are, the more qualified your traffic leads will be when they find you. Choose keywords that would come up in a conversation with someone else that is excited and wants to know more about your topic. Also use keywords for people who already know a lot on your topic. Continue doing keyword research and write on applicable keywords that you can get excited about. Trust me, it makes the writing go so much faster! Choose a product or service to provide that will be genuinely interesting or useful to others who are just as passionate as you are about your topic.

Sure, you can do niche marketing about things that do not excite you very much. But why bother? Your efforts will never be as good as they will for a topic that really sets you on fire. Moreover, how great would it be to spend everyday contributing your work to a site that covers a hobby or passion you really enjoy? This is an example of the saying "do what you love and the money will follow…it might take some time with niche marketing, but the opportunity is real.


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