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student working Night shift duty or graveyard shift jobs vs. health effect mental and physical illness: - a wake up call

Updated on January 28, 2011

In this era of globalization where man has busted the boundaries of working within and for the country now and working for countries remote in the form of outsourcing that has changed the way of life completely.

 The only result of globalization that man has achieved is to work 24 hours a day and Night shifts jobs are an example which draws more attention by the youth of today.

Many would be of the same opinion with me the fact that youth people want achievement overnight and want money to spend generously as an individual or as a family. But Night shift jobs slay the person’s economic and social life and also his hobbies. Night shift jobs results in the harmful impact on individual mental and physical health.

 During night shifts a person cannot efficiently follow the daily cycle according to which he has been brought-up or grown-up with.  Early to Bed and early to rise is the principle of strong living and that is how a Person's body gets used to it and adopts it. But swift changes in the daily cycle of the person to do so are bound to be affecting his mental and physical health.

Night shifts not only affect the person's sleep, there are additional side effects that are supplementary to it. Eating occasionally or partly makes an individual’s digestive system become more crooked and susceptible to many diseases. It is intricate to get sleep during the day and the sleeping patterns are entirely changed as results of shifting time of work.

 Eating habits are totally changed. Eating food at the wrong time leads to unnecessary disorders and the stress hormones build up over time and depression starts to show up now and then.

 The concentration of a individual working in night shift gets weaker day by day due to the wear and tear of the mind and the body. This completely leads to mental illness.  This has to be altered soon to get rid these problems.

Overall it is advised to have a preference to working in day shifts rather than working on night shifts for incentives or other promotional benefits. For any person health must be the foremost option before earning. Instead of spending money on medicines and consultation fees for doctor, it’s better to avoid this kind of jobs and go for jobs that care for the employees’ welfare as well.


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    • eshwar_1989 profile image

      eshwar_1989 7 years ago from India

      That was so kind of you :)

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ....I realize that I'm slowly dying because I do that darn graveyard shift thing - but you gotta know one thing - I just woke up and came alive again because I'm here rejoicing in your hubs ........