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Nine Ways to Show You That Your Boss Despises You

Updated on September 2, 2018
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

If I Were to Throw

you a poll that asked you if you ever had (that) boss man (or woman) who you secretly thought of as him (or her) not liking you, would you be honest and answer yes or no? Let me go first. “Yes!” I have had two different bosses in two different job sites and for some reason, they had their way(s) of letting me pick up on them showing me that they really wished that I were somewhere else—home, on vacation, so far away that I couldn’t be reached. That kind of being not liked.

I do not know which hurts the worst, the boss who you know well and even thinks of as a good friend or those annoying behavior traits (that we all have) that sometimes drive us all to the edge. I would vote as the behavioral traits because there are so many of those aggravating traits that they acted much like a platoon of well-trained soldiers about to charge a hill and get rid of some enemy force.

This man is the boss of some office. He is not hung-over. He is angry and loves to yell at THAT ONE employee day after day. If this is your boss, you can get a better job or a new boss.
This man is the boss of some office. He is not hung-over. He is angry and loves to yell at THAT ONE employee day after day. If this is your boss, you can get a better job or a new boss. | Source

Now Please Allow

me to share with you a very secret list of tips, great tips, that if you see them on your boss as one of those nasty behavioral traits then you will know two things: one: you will have to face it and do better or two: get ready to find another job. It’s that simple. But remember, even in “this” case that the problem(s) or behavioral trait(s) can be coming from you—so check with yourself first and if you are innocent, great. If not, then you have some work to do.

The title of this work is: Nine Ways to Show You That Your Boss Despises You. I have been on HubPages going on eight years and I have found out that not fooling around does not interest the reader, but getting straight to the point does.

9.) Your Boss Bellows – like an angry bull on your “Uncle Davey’s” farm and sometimes you chuckle at the vulgar names that he calls you, but now it’s going on six months and your boss yells at you, threatens you, and belittles you every morning, noon and evening—all in front of the entire staff. I would love to say that your co-workers are sympathetic toward your plight, but I cannot. All of them hide their faces at their desks and act as if they do not hear the boss yelling at you so much that a tougher employee might even call it quits.

8.) Silence is Golden – but only when your boss enters the workplace. It works like this: when YOU are NOT in the workplace, say in an adjoining office and you see and hear your boss hanging-out with your pals in your workplace—laughing like a wild mule and just bonding with your male friends and when you walk back into your office, the boss suddenly shuts his mouth, clears his throat and walks back to his office. Oh, you are friendly and speak to your boss, but he doesn’t hear you. And this goes on for months. You finally get the nerve to ask him what you have about you and he simply says, “Nothing!” Believe me. There is a problem. It just hasn’t surfaced yet.

7.) Your Boss Always – gives you the money to get coffee and danish for the workplace—all except YOU. That’s right. He does not give you enough scratch to buy your coffee and danish. This goes on for months and you finally ask what the problem is and he looks put off by your question. Then he looks sternly and replies, “why has there got to be problem?” See? He said ‘problem,’ so give it time.

6.) The Boss’ Wife, “Chloe” – drops by your office maybe twice a month and she always brings her pet Chihuahua, “Silly” with her. Your co-workers adore “Chloe” and “Silly.” But . . .(and this too has been going on for two months), in those two months, “Chloe” always hands “Silly” to you and she gristles up and growls like a Grizzly bear and even bites your arm. You can stand the blood spilling onto the floor, but why is it that when “Silly” is handed to your co-workers, she is laughing, licking their faces and acting so loved? Buddy, you need some professional help. Maybe some veterinarian help. Note: and you have just ran out of band-aids.

5.) Your Boss Asks You – to come to his office to talk about a new client. Oh, great, you think. The dark cloud that you knew was hanging over you is gone. Hurray! You talk to your boss and he gives you all of the information about the new client and he says that he trusts you with this big company. He says for you to take the day off, rest, and then get to the company’s address the next morning at 10 a.m. and you follow his instructions to the letter. You even buy a new suit to make a great first impression. It’s a three-hour drive out in the desert. Hot ain’t the word. You arrive and park. You see the size of this building and one word describes it: awesome. But when you walk up to the front door, you see that there isn’t ANYONE in the building. NO ONE! Not even a stray dog. You phone the boss via your wireless device and this information upsets him and he tells you off. He even double-checks the address and it is the same as what the boss told you yesterday. You tell him to stay there for as long as it takes until someone reports into the office. Needless to say, no one comes in to work. The building is empty, full of cobwebs and one deceased gopher. So sad to have to die like that. But you are learning that you have a problem with the boss.

4.) At The First of Each Month – the boss and the C.E.O. meets with you and your co-workers for a company meeting. But it’s mainly to hand-out raises and give pats on the back to hard-working employees. This meeting (about to take place) is the fifth month that your boss and C.E.O. has met like this and you are excited—for maybe some recognition for the hard work about that empty building you stayed at all day long and no one showed up. Maybe you are to get a raise. But in this meeting, your boss and C.E.O. mispronounce your name—your name is”Todd,” but they say, “Dodd,” then wink and laugh at you. The co-workers also laugh because if they don’t they might lose their jobs. And the boss and C.E.O. do hand-out raises to your co-workers, but NOT YOU. Five company meetings and everyone around you gets a bonus and raise, but YOU. Pal, it’s time that you visited your boss and an impartial party to take notes.

3.) The Last Wednesday of Last Week – the C.E.O. made a special point to talk to you about an exciting opportunity with the company. He said that you were to start by sweeping the office, take out the office trash for two months and then you would receive further instructions. Guess what? It’s now Three months and you haven’t received further instructions.

2.) Last Year The C.E.O’s – daughter was having a hard time at college. Since she was a freshman, she was scared, plus a bully was acting like she was prey to his annoying antics. So the C.E.O. told you that you would get “something extra” in your check if you would be at the college to be his daughter’s bodyguard. But you only took a massive beating from this bully who (the boss didn’t tell you) was a former Golden Gloves Boxing Champ and you were in such bad shape that you had to stay in the hospital for three days. Oh, you were docked for the three days and you have to make payments to the hospital for those three days.

1.) This Aggravation Takes the Cake – one Tuesday morning, the boss says (in front of the staff) that you were not a part of the company’s “Initiation Days” for new employees, so get this: the boss tells you to go home and come back dressed like Liz Taylor, wig and all, with make-up and all of the pretty things that women like to wear, high heels included. You try to beg out of this, but inside you feel good that the boss did remember to tell you about this event. When you arrive and walk into the office, the C.E.O., your staff and boss, and a Chinese man who owns a chain of dance halls in Peking and he tried to hire you not to dance for him, but to marry him.

When are you going to resign?

September 1, 2018_____________________________________

This is NOT allowed: a boss threatening or using derogatory phrases to hurt an employee. Keep this in mind.
This is NOT allowed: a boss threatening or using derogatory phrases to hurt an employee. Keep this in mind. | Source

© 2018 Kenneth Avery


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