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No Coding Involved Software-FusionHQ Software

Updated on November 26, 2014

No Coding Involved Software

When I found FusionHQ software I was so excited. Since we bought our software in October, I've had time to stop and review some common question information that may be helpful in understanding what the software does. You'll find a few answers to some common questions you might have. When we got our copy on October 21, these were some of the questions we (mostly me - I'm really not the tech person in our family) had too.

Q: Is FusionHQ OK for beginners?

A: YES. It was designed to get rid of all the technical headaches that seemed mandatory in setting up your internet marketing sites. The reason it's so simple is because of the way you can drag and drop information into each stage of the process. Because of that one advancement in this technology you no longer have to worry about integration, setup or login for a variety of scripts, software or services. That converts to saving time and money - Not to mention the migraines you'll miss out on!

Q: What about more advanced users?

A: Yes. Advanced users can customize their sales processes exactly the way they want to. Plus, edit pages exactly as the way they want them, insert custom code/s, upload unique or formatted templates, build their sites, integrate with third party providers, and much, much more, according to their wants, needs, desires, and ideas.

FusionHQ Software Questions

Q: How many sites can I build with FusionHQ?

A: As many as you want. Sites, sales funnels, membership levels, affiliate campaigns etc are ALL

· Site - Website

· Sales Funnel - For ease of definition, the sales process is often compared to a funnel where new leads coming into the system (i.e. customers) are initially placed into the top of the funnel (the fattest part) and then worked through the system by informing, persuading, overcoming objections, providing information, demonstrating, providing free samples, etc., until at the skinniest part of the funnel, (an order) is placed and a sale is closed when payment from your customer is received.

· Membership levels - In this case - multiple membership levels let you control access to your protected content. There is the choice of either making a) One member access for multiple sites, or b) several member accesses to One site. For instance if you may want two membership levels - One for people who want your monthly newsletter and one for people who want your monthly newsletter plus your video.

· Affiliate Campaigns - Affiliate Campaigns get other people to sell your product for you.

Q: Can I use my own hosting?

A: YES. FusionHQ has a cloud server hosting option if you want to use it, but you are free to use whoever you like.

· Hosting - A business that helps you with housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more of your websites.

Q: Can I use FusionHQ for product launches?

A: Yes. This is what it was first designed for. It is an extremely stable, flexible and efficient way
to launch your own product.

Product Launch - Getting a product you create or co-create with others out to the public (out on the market - marketing your product and 'launching' it to the public).

FusionHQ Software More Questions

Q: Can I build perpetual launch sites or membership sites with drip feed content?

A: Yes. FusionHQ has a full site builder that you can use for either strategy. Drag and drop simplicity allows
you to build sites the way you want them without needing to know coding.

Perpetual Launch Sites - use timed release content for your micro continuity sites (drip feed membership sites), or for your launch sequence (to create a series of perpetual launch sites you may have heard about recently).

Membership Sites - Using the FusionHQ drag and drop technology you can build complete sites. These can be content, mini or membership sites. Membership sites include timed deliveries, which are a scheduled (according to your specifications) release of content and easy management for multiple membership levels.

Drip Feed Content - Content for your site and/or members (that is set up by you) to go out to your customers and members and lists on a scheduled release day, date and time.

Q: Does FusionHQ integrate with WordPress?

A: Nearly. . . There is a beta release plugin that is being completed in the next couple of weeks. It already
works and you are free to play with it - right now.

Beta Release Plugin-First of its kind plugin increasing your ease of use with WordPress websites and blogs.

WordPress - An amazing website building software that makes building websites and blogs a breeze, plus they have the best forum and tech support on the planet.

Q: Will lifetime accesses be available in the future?

A: This is undecided. There are no plans to sell this feature again. Down the road, when the doors open again the model used will be a monthly billing model.

Lifetime access - their lifetime, not yours

Q: What about future updates?

A: Theirs is a skilled, dedicated and growing team of niche marketers and affiliate marketers who understand your needs and are continually developing new ideas and requests. All of these updates are yours free for life when you take a lifetime access.

Q: What About a money back guarantee?

A: Yes. A 30 day prompt, courteous and no questions asked refund is given per request.

I'm so enamored with this software because it solved so many of our headaches for us in a way that made sense to both a non technical person and a technical person.  

I literally spent hours - and even days - trying to figure out things out that are now as simple as a drag and drop that it just blows my mind.  I never thought in a million years that this kind of software would ever exist. So, you have my apologies if a second hub from me on this topic seems like overkill, but I just couldn't help myself.   

No Coding Involved Software-FusionHQ Software Comments

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    • mwatkins profile image

      mwatkins 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

      HI John,

      you are soooooooooooo right! There are so many features too numerous to list here that really excite me about tis software. I think if I had only two tools in my tool bag that this would be one of them! For sure!

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      Gtreat hub. This is really an exciting program. It could save a ton of time. I know all to well how much time is invovled creating all these steps. Thank You