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An Immigrant's Point of View about American People.

Updated on August 28, 2016

I came to the US in 2004 - to conquer all dreams and live the famous American life. I had one suitcase filled with books on English grammar, geography and customs. Hopes were high, roses were red and sky was blue.

I was thrown into a society that I have only heard of on my national TV or learned from books. Life, like a bucket of cold water in the morning, brought me to reality: America was a fool's illusion.

To this day, there are things I still do not completely understand about this nation (but I love it nonetheless):


"Why do Americans drink so much soda"

I remember that in my Soviet times we had "sweet water", a kind of nowadays soda with less sugar and colorants. My mother, being a very health conscious person, would let us have very little of the "poisonous drink". At an early age she explained us how bad sugar is for our bodies and our development. She made it clear that the sweet water is not so sweet for our future. I stopped drinking it altogether when I was 7.

Why is soda so popular here? The incapacity of people to smarten up and quit cold turkey, will keep these products selling, making tons of money, ruining lives, futures and the whole nation. Wake up! Coca-Cola wants you to drink their chemical + 10 spoons of sugar and to keep on doing it - that is their money. But are you SODA'S SLAVE or are you your own person?

"Why do Americans drive their car everywhere"

I used to rent an apartment across the street from a big grocery store. Every day I would see "cars going shopping" to that store (less than 3/4 mile away). I understand 20 bags of groceries can not be carried in your hands (although in my days I've done it and I am still alive!). But I watched people unload a six pack and a watermelon - now that's not right. Please, walk, or stay obese and disgusting your whole life!

"Why Americans have such a hard time understanding accents"

I have an accent. I probably will have it for the rest of my life. I never had a problem in understanding someone from Somalia, or Japan, or France - just to name a few. And these are quite some accents I think. Use your brain's powers a little more and put effort into trying to try. Because I see a lot of carelessness and judgmental eyes around me. And it hurts to see that the non-Americans are really eager to integrate and and want to be understood. It's not hard to pay more attention to people around you. And it's also very rewarding to know that instead of putting language barriers, you encouraged an immigrant to continue on learning and succeeding.

"Why parents and children are so disconnected in hard times"

I was lucky to have a healthy family with values and love. I know that every forest has its shadow, but I see it more here. Parents can not wait here until their children leave home. Parents would not help their adult children with money when the last are in need. Children put their parents in nursing homes. Brothers loan money to each other at a higher than bank percentage rate. When parents visit - they stay at the nearby hotel.

Saddens me to tears. Attitudes need to be changed or there is no hope for real connections on this part of the continent.

"Why so much weed, drugs, alcohol, and other killing substances"

Is it to good of a life or a life with no life in it? I watched coworkers at different times and places talk about spending their pay-check on one drug or another. Seems like more and more people here are in a hurry to get over with their existence.

"Paycheck to paycheck life style"

Times are hard. Money is not sticking in that bank account no matter what. Still, there are ways to save, to put aside, and not struggle IF knowing HOW. Well, no one ever thought me how but my instincts and a part of my brain led to the right direction: I saved all I could save, never bought things that I could not afford, never used recreational drugs, did not dine out if had no money etc.

So why it it so hard here to stick to a plan and have a life that is filled with pride?

Another point of view, anyone?


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    • IreneBissou profile image

      Irene 4 years ago from U.S.A.


      You have a good point here - I ended up loving this country, with its good and bad, ups and downs, and feeling here at home, so far away from home!

    • my_girl_sara profile image

      Cynthia Lyerly 4 years ago from Georgia

      Love your candor! I would love to hear more of your questions. I hope you have found some positives about being in America; otherwise you would have left by now.