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No More Unions

Updated on February 11, 2012

There is a battle going on in the state of Wisconsin. It involves pro union group of people against the governor who just happens to be in the first term of his governorship. The people of America needs to pay close attention to this battle. The two issues involved is "demise of the public unions" and "people exericising their right as citizens to fire their governor".

If you look back at the doctrines pertaining to at will employment has existed within some private industries and states for a long time. Every time I would submit an application for employment, and I would read the at will clause. I become more and more baffled. It is so dishardening how a person can be fired for any reason except for discrimination.

On February 1, 2009 Rebecca was hired to work a telemarketing job. By September 3, 2010 Rebecca was laid off from her job, the manager claimed he would probably bring Rebecca back in January of 2011. When January 2011 came, Rebecca was called back, but she was laid off again on February 28, 2011. The manager refuse to give Rebecca a letter to why she was laid off, and Rebecca had a hard time applying for other employment.

Question, is this where the at will clause takes effect? If Rebecca belong to a union, management would have to justify why she was being fired. Rebecca would have been given a chance to be placed on a possible probation; if it was her fault. But this at will clause makes it hard, it gives management ultimate power over a person's livelihood. We as a nation that accept this at will clause, still participating in some form of slavery or sharecropping.

This so called manager has the right to enslave Rebecca by keeping her tied to his company, but making it extremely impossible for Rebecca to get other employment. As you see, the manager still wants to keep her as an employee at his company.

Let's look at the at will clause in a different way. The Governor of Wisconsin was elected to the office by the people. Now that most of the people have realized what the Governor's actual plan for Wisconsin, the people are ready to fire the Governor. Shouldn't the same clause which governing the people of Wisconsin also apply to the Governor. The Governor took office at will, the only difference is the most of the people of Wisconsin do not want the Governor back.

One thing for sure, if the present Governor will do away with the Unions, whether the people of Wisconsin wants it or not.

Does anyone know what the status is on the Governor of Wisconsin vs the people of Wisconsin? Will the people of Wisconsin be able to replace the present Governor?


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    • profile image

      Janita 6 years ago

      This comparison may cause others to take notice of how employers and politicians use their positions to exact control of those under their direction.