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No One Can Stop You From Living Your Dreams

Updated on November 5, 2011

No One Can Stop You From Living Your Dreams

If you want to learn anything

No one can stop you from learning

There are many resources

1.World Wide Web


3. You Tube

4. Conferences and events related to your field of interest

5. Interview someone in that field on how they achieved success

We often read about successful people who were able to create a new life, have a great career, and be happy. People like Ryan Blair! If they can do it so can you! No one can stop you from being successful except for you.

So today I want you to purpose in your spirit and heart that you are going to become that author, public speaker, marketing guru, promoter, talk-show host, radio d.j., sales director, entrepreneur, restaurant owner, etc. You can do it! Leave, breathe, and hunger for your dream so much that you are up late at night reading and learning all you can to make that happen. Turn off the t.v. and tune into your mind.

There are 7 elements you need to change your life

1.Talent. Everyone has natural talents. Some talents can improve with learning and instruction but you do have natural talents and you need to constantly develop those talents.

2. Passion/Interest. Do what you love and are interested in doing. Have a career involving something that moves you to act and is of interest to you. Your passion is something you would do even if you weren’t paid to do it.

3. Drive. Drive is the desire to push yourself to grow and be successful. This involves getting out of your comfort zone and being willing to be a student of the field/interest that you pursue. Being willing to try something new – and either achieve success - or learn from your mistakes and come back and try again until you get it right.

4. Determination. Determination is the ability to overcome obstacles, set-backs, naysayers in order to achieve your dreams.

5. Support Group/Associations. People who love you, want you to be successful, and encourage you to be great should be your support group. If you are around people who voluntarily tell you why you will fail, why something won’t work, why you might as well not try, or who attempt to volunteer negativity….DELETE their numbers, don’t take their calls, and don’t open to the door when they knock. You can’t swim effectively by putting extra weight on your arms and legs. **Iron sharpens iron. Surround yourself with people whom you respect, admire, and have attributes that you have or want to develop. I’m not taking about things – I’m talking about character traits/talents.

6. Knowledge. Day and night, learn about what interest you. Learn the past, present, and future regarding that interest or career field.

7. Drop Bad Habits. Reduce television time. Stop spending time around people who are foolish. Stop wasting time around losers because you are trying to be a winner. People who are losing in life and don’t want to change their situation. Stop indulging in substances to drown your lack of achievement. Drop “friends” who love you as long as you are 2 steps under their level. Drop friends who do not live their lives with principles/values.

Will it happen overnight…………………………..maybe

Will it happen over time……………………………..perhaps

Will it ever happen…………………………….YES! If you pursue it with a vengeance it will happen for you!

Be open to living different levels of your dreams as well.

If you LOVE football but aren’t physically gifted in that arena you can still be a sports personality, sports reporter, write in the local paper about college/high school football. You can also compile stats for the games, be a sports agent, or talent scout for a high school/college. You could be the tail-gate king/queen and perhaps turn that into an entrepreneurship venture where you can charge people for the experience-maybe even have sponsors fund your event by advertising their products. Maybe you could start a business teaching others about football for people who are non-sports enthusiasts. You could promote contests at sports bars proving free drinks/food for winners or maybe own your own sports bar. Maybe you start a blog about football or something about your favorite team providing daily/weekly updates on scores, statistics, personal lives, and media activities of the players of your team?

Do you see all the different elements that relate to the love of football?

I hope you are inspired by what I am saying. I hope you see your life in a different way! I hope that you realize your dreams! If you follow these seven elements I just know you can’t loose. Don’t forget –do all these things with hope and a positive attitude. LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


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    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 4 years ago

      Well selected seven elements for success.

      Thanks for sharing this helpful hub.

    • realtalk247 profile image

      realtalk247 6 years ago

      I tell everyone I know it's never too late to have passion in your life and to do something that you enjoy and love.

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 6 years ago from USA

      This is wonderful. So many people go with the flow instead of making a plan and following their dreams.