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Non-Profit Online Fundraising Ideas

Updated on January 6, 2011
Non-Profit Fundraising
Non-Profit Fundraising

=== Online Fundraising ===

Are you looking for fundraising ideas? I found a unique way to provide support to our local library simply by writing articles. Yes, I simply write 2-3 articles each Saturday morning about a variety of topics. The royalties received we use to purchase hardcover books and donate them to our local library. Why hardcover books? The library receives a tiny budget from the town to purchase new books for their collection. The money is typically spent on new publications, leaving hardly any money to replace worn out classics. It's refreshing to know that my amateur writing provides an opportunity for the library to update their classics collection. How did I get started?


The beauty of writing content online is there is no charge for doing so. You simply open an author's account with a site like HubPages or InfoBarrel and, whenever you observe something interesting, go to the site that evening and type in a couple paragraphs about it. The process is simple and is similar to writing a couple paragraphs in a diary each evening.

=== PAYMENT ===

Your compensation (royalties) will be paid through Google Ads or Amazon, which this site will display for you. No web development skills or HTML knowledge is needed. After you create your author's account and write your first 3-5 articles, you create a Google AdSense account with the directions available on HubPages. The funds accumulate daily and you will be paid to you monthly once you accumulate $100 or more.

=== USE OF FUNDS ===

I use the funds generated to support several projects. I purchase hardcover books and donate them to our local library. I provide support to our high school marching band. I also make anonymous donations to support other school activities. The funds trickle in and are not in the millions, but they make a huge difference to these programs. What I enjoy most is the royalties are perpetual, meaning they continue to come in each month whether I write new articles or not.


If you found this article interesting, please send an email to your library or share it with your local PTA. You could even create a "writing club", upload your articles on a weekly basis, and donate your proceeds to the charity of your choice. Like any boosters club, it takes one person to take the lead and start the process. It’s much easier to get others to contribute once the process is started and they understand how it works. Another technique is to have 2-3 individuals write the articles in MS Word, another person upload the articles onto the site, and another person work on marketing the articles with online book marking. As your articles start to make money, write similar articles about the topic and cross-reference them to each other with hotlinks. This will increase your page views and your residual income will increase for your nonprofit.


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